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Accounting and Finance Bundle Course

Become an accounting and finance expert with our Accounting and Finance Bundle Course.


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Become an accounting and finance expert with our Accounting and Finance Bundle Course. Get familiar with the fundamentals of accounting, knowing the different accounting facts, their classification, accounts, balance sheets, the process of regularization, closure and get finance certifications online.

This bundle course consists of Xero accounting Diploma, Stock Market Investing, Cryptocurrency trading and ICO Investment and more. Completing the courses will help you learn what the elementary concepts of these fields are including stock market analysis techniques and online cryptocurrency trading. The Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Course will help you manage and handle your business’s accounts easily without the help of an accountant. You will also learn the complete process and be able to influence or act with knowledge in each of the actions to be carried out.

By completing the Accounting and Finance Bundle Course, you will get a vivid idea on the bases and details of the areas of action on which accounting, finance, investment and trading must be based. 

Learners will get a “Microsoft Excel Basics” course for free upon purchasing this course.


After the completion of each course, you will be eligible to receive a certificate per course. You can order a certificate (soft copy for £9 and hard copy for £15) relating to your course.

Who is this course for?

  • This bundle is helpful for those who want to acquire creative and technical knowledge in the accounting world and want to deepen their understanding of accounting techniques.
  • People who want to add value to their current professional profile with complementary training for their profile, in the accounting and finance resources environment.
  • People who either want to specialize in the financial field and the stock market or learn cryptocurrency trading and update their profile in the field of finance.
  • Professionals from other areas who want to acquire complementary knowledge to their initial training or their current position.


All the learners who are willing to boost their knowledge in this respective field can take this course. This course does not require any formal academic qualification.

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