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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Course 00:18:00
Module 02: Medical Laboratory Services
Medical Laboratory Services 00:22:00
Module 03: Laboratory Equipments (Part-01)
Laboratory Equipments (Part-01) 00:27:00
Module 04: Laboratory Equipments (Part-02)
Laboratory Equipments (Part-02) 00:16:00
Module 05: Microscope and How to Use It
Microscope and How to Use It 00:18:00
Module 06: Solutions Used in Clinical/Medical Laboratory
Solutions Used in ClinicalMedical Laboratory 00:18:00
Module 07: Sterilisation, Disinfection and Decontamination
Sterilisation, Disinfection and Decontamination 00:19:00
Module 08: Basic Haematology
Basic Haematology 00:51:00
Module 09: Basic Haemostasis (Coagulation)
Basic Haemostasis (Coagulation) 00:31:00
Module 10: Basic Immunology and Immunohematology
Basic Immunology and Immunohematology 00:39:00
Module 11: Urinalysis
Urinalysis 00:36:00
Module 12: Basic Clinical Chemistry
Basic Clinical Chemistry 00:40:00
Module 13: Basic Clinical Microbiology
Basic Clinical Microbiology 00:27:00
Module 14: Basic Parasitology
Basic Parasitology 00:30:00
Module 15: Laboratory Accidents and Safety
Laboratory Accidents and Safety 00:19:00
Module 16: Quality Assurance
‌Quality‌ ‌Assurance‌ ‌ 00:21:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Laboratory Expert Diploma 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Laboratory Expert Diploma 00:20:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate 00:00:00

Laboratory Expert Diploma

4.8( 8 REVIEWS )
Duration: 7.87 Hours
Laboratory Expert Diploma
  • Course Highlights

This Laboratory Expert Diploma course is the perfect stepping stone for anyone looking to become a Laboratory Technician or who works in a clinical profession. It covers everything you need to know about medical laboratory services, taking learners through best practice procedures and fundamental safety measures.

Through instructor-led training, you will learn about the different types of laboratory equipment and their uses, as well as how to disinfect, decontaminate and sterilise equipment and surfaces. You will also deepen your knowledge of basic haematology, microbiology, immunology and clinical chemistry, which will prepare you for a wide range of clinical roles.

By the end of the course, you will have an excellent understanding of laboratory maintenance, regulations and quality assurance, equipped with a range of skills required to assist scientists, gather data, conduct experiments and analyse clinical tests.

  • Learning outcome
  • Understand the different services that are provided by medical laboratories
  • Familiarise with the different types of laboratory equipment and their uses
  • Learn about the various solutions used in clinical/medical laboratories
  • Know how to sterilise, disinfect and decontaminate laboratory equipment and tools
  • Broaden your knowledge of basic haematology, microbiology, immunology & clinical chemistry
  • Get an overview of quality assurance measures in medical laboratories
  • Gain a solid understanding of laboratory safety regulations and common laboratory accidents
  • Learn how to read a urine test and check for urine abnormalities
  • Requirements
  • There are no specific entry requirements for this course, which is ipen to both part-time and full-time learners.
  • Who is this Course for?
  • This Laboratory Expert Diploma Course is suitable for:
  • Anyone looking for a formal qualification to kickstart their career
  • Anyone who works in a laboratory or in a clinical profession
  • Chemistry students
  • Career Path
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Medical Laboratory Assistant
  • Lab Manager


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