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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Are you looking to take your career in property management to the next level? If so, then the Advanced Block Management Techniques course is for you! This course will teach you everything you need to know about managing blocks of flats, from the legal requirements to the day-to-day tasks. You’ll learn how to market properties, screen tenants, and manage rent payments. You’ll also learn how to deal with disputes and repairs.

As the British property market ebbs and flows with time, it becomes paramount for professionals to be adept at all facets of property management. This course serves as your guiding light, illuminating the path to becoming a property maestro.

The course commences with an enlightening introduction, setting the tone for what lies ahead. It then delves into the pivotal role of a property manager, exploring the depths of their responsibilities, and then seamlessly transitions to the art of listing properties and masterful marketing. You’ll journey through the letting process, understand tenancy agreements, and get acquainted with the nuances of the property management process. With each section, learners will feel the empowerment of knowledge, building their skills block by block.

Closing with the significance of the ever-changing UK property market landscape, this course doesn’t just provide information—it crafts informed individuals. From understanding property valuations to deciphering the selling process and regulatory requirements, “Advanced Block Management Techniques” equips learners not just to survive but to thrive in the bustling property sector of the UK.

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Learning outcome

  • Understand the different types of block ownership
  • Identify the key responsibilities of a block manager
  • Develop a marketing strategy for a block of flats
  • Prepare a tenancy agreement that meets the legal requirements
  • Manage the property management process effectively
  • Conduct a property valuation


  • A basic understanding of property management.
  • Access to internet-enabled devices for online resources.
  • Prior knowledge of the property market is beneficial.

Why should I take this course?

  • Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of property management.
  • Stay updated with the current trends and shifts in the market.
  • Strategies are provided to ensure tenant longevity.
  • Learn how to market and sell properties effectively.
  • Understand the regulations to ensure compliance and avoid pitfalls.

Career Path

  • Property Valuation Specialist
  • Leasing Consultant
  • Property Marketing Expert
  • Tenancy Agreement Advisor
  • Property Sales Agent
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Module 1: Introduction to Property Management 00:07:00
Section 02: The Role and Responsibilities of a Property Manager
Module 2: The Role and Responsibilities of a Property Manager 00:07:00
Section 03: Listing Properties and Marketing
Module 3: Listing Properties and Marketing 00:12:00
Section 04: The Letting Process and Tenancy Agreement
Module 4: The Letting Process and Tenancy Agreement 00:15:00
Section 05: The Property Management Process
Module 5: The Property Management Process 00:16:00
Section 06: Valuation Process
Module 6: Valuation Process 00:10:00
Section 07: Selling Property Finding the Buyers
Module 7: Selling Property Finding the Buyers 00:12:00
Section 08: Keeping Tenants Long Term
Module 8: Keeping Tenants Long Term 00:06:00
Section 09: Regulations of Property Management
Module 9: Regulations of Property Management 00:07:00
Section 10: Changes in the UK Property Market An Opportunity
Module 10: Changes in the UK Property Market An Opportunity 00:08:00

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