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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Analysis of Twitter Dataset and Designing Heatmaps
Introduction to the Excel crash course 00:06:00
Understanding the Twitter Dataset 00:05:00
Extracting Other Details for Analysis 00:09:00
Creating Pivot Tables 00:08:00
Applying Conditional Formatting using Color Scales 00:03:00
Adding Slicers to Dashboard 00:02:00
Applying Custom Number Formats 00:03:00
Adding Custom Images to Charts 00:11:00
Interlude – Data Manipulation Challenge 00:02:00
Adding Heatmap Legend 00:02:00
Wrapping Up – Introduction to Open Analytics 00:02:00
Advanced Currency Converter using Dynamic Arrays
Introduction to Modern Excel Tables and Dynamic Arrays 00:11:00
Using Power Query for Data Manipulation 00:08:00
Applying Power Query Data Transformations 00:06:00
Structured Table Referencing 00:12:00
XLOOKUP Function and Pivot Table Calculations 00:05:00
Laundry Service Model and Invoicing Dashboard
Introduction to the Project 00:01:00
Overview of the Laundry Model Project 00:04:00
Understanding the Inputs 00:03:00
Formatting the Input Tables 00:04:00
Duplicate and Combine Tables with Power Query 00:09:00
Rounding Digits in Power Query 00:02:00
Load Specific Tables from Power Query 00:02:00
Feature Extraction and Named Ranges 00:10:00
Combining Elements – Data Validation with Named Ranges 00:08:00
Combining Elements – Understanding the INDIRECT Function 00:02:00
Combining Elements – Dynamic Drop-down Menu with Data Validation 00:04:00
Combining Elements – INDEX and MATCH with Multiple Criteria 00:12:00
Understanding the MATCH Formula with Multiple Criteria 00:06:00
Business Invoice Dashboard Design 00:06:00

Excel Crash Course

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Excel Crash Course


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