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Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


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Learn to be a Graphic Designer with this comprehensive diploma, covering After Effects, Illustrator, InDesign, home styling, UX design, and more.

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Graphic Designer

Accreditation: The Mark of Excellence

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course-highlightGraphic Designer

The extensive curriculum of the Graphic Designer course is intended to provide aspiring designers with a broad range of skills. Students are taken through the challenges of generating captivating motion graphics and visual effects, starting with fundamental abilities in Adobe After Effects, which lays a strong foundation for their graphic design journey. As the course continues, students will receive comprehensive instruction in Adobe Illustrator CC, where they will become experts in vector graphics and branding materials. Adobe InDesign lessons, which emphasise layout design, brochure production, and publication aesthetics, are added to this to make sure students are prepared to take on a variety of design difficulties.

In addition to using standard graphic design tools, the course covers user experience design with Adobe XD and home styling and interior design. These modules are designed to help learners see things from a wider perspective and apply the concepts of graphic design to a variety of situations. A well-rounded education that touches on the fundamentals of efficient visual communication is provided by the coverage of interior design concepts and instructional design. This course provides a solid basis for a successful career in graphic design, covering important design software and principles.

course-whyCareer Opportunities

  • Graphic Designer: Specializes in creating visual content to communicate messages through digital, print, and other media forms. UK salary range: £22,000 - £40,000.
  • UI/UX Designer: Focuses on designing user interfaces and experiences for websites and applications, ensuring usability and aesthetic appeal. UK salary range: £25,000 - £50,000.
  • Interior Designer: Works on the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a space to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. UK salary range: £18,000 - £45,000.
  • Instructional Designer: Designs and creates educational programs and materials, leveraging both technology and design principles to enhance learning. UK salary range: £30,000 - £60,000.
  • Digital Illustrator: Creates visual illustrations for various digital platforms, using software to produce work for books, advertisements, and more. UK salary range: £20,000 - £45,000.
  • Visual Effects Artist: Produces special effects, animations, and other visual imagery for movies, games, and video productions. UK salary range: £23,000 - £60,000.
  • Art Director: Oversees the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. UK salary range: £35,000 - £70,000.

course-benefitsWhat you'll learn From This Course?

  • Mastering Adobe After Effects for dynamic visual storytelling.
  • Advanced techniques in Adobe Illustrator for intricate illustrations.
  • Layout and design proficiency in Adobe InDesign.
  • Principles of home styling and interior design for aesthetic spaces.
  • Core concepts in user experience and interface design using Adobe XD.
  • The art of creating engaging and educational content with instructional design.
  • Skills in Affinity Designer for modern flat design aesthetics.

course-highlightGraphic Designer Package Includes

Graphic Designer Diploma: With the Graphic Designer Diploma, an extensive programme designed for imaginative minds, explore the world of design. Along with specialist modules on home styling, interior design, and UX/UI design with Adobe XD, this course covers essential topics including Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign. This diploma provides the skills and information needed to succeed as a flexible graphic designer in a variety of industries, whether you’re just starting out or looking to advance your career.

1. Basics of Graphic Design
2. Foundation in Design
3. Adobe Photoshop Basics
4. Designers go to Software
5. Blend Modes & Filters
6. Creating Logos with Illustrator
7. Logo Design Basics
8. Adobe in Design and Print Work Introduction

Graphics Design Complete Online Course: After Effects: Take our Graphics Design Complete Online Course: After Effects to explore the world of digital creativity in a way that will change your life. Explore the depths of the motion graphics and visual effects realm while becoming an expert in Adobe After Effects, the industry’s top programme for dynamic visual storytelling. This carefully designed course, taught by seasoned professionals, will provide you the tools you need to realise your creative ambitions. Regardless of your career aspirations—graphic design, animation, or film—this extensive course provides a comprehensive method for maximising After Effects’ capabilities, enabling you to create visually striking content that will stick with viewers. Come explore your potential as a digital-age visual storyteller by joining us.

1. Section 01: Introduction
2. Section 02: Creating Special Effects
3. Section 03: Creating Patterns and Textures
4. Section 04: Generating Artwork from (Almost) Nothing
5. Section 05: Where to Go from Here

Complete Adobe Illustrator CC: The Comprehensive Adobe Illustrator CC course is a thorough curriculum created to give students the fundamental abilities and understanding of Adobe Illustrator CC. Participants will explore the nuances of this potent vector graphics programme throughout the course, learning how to create beautiful illustrations, logos, icons, and more. Through interactive lessons and practice, students will become proficient in using Illustrator’s vast toolkit to realise their creative dreams. This course offers an organised learning environment customised to meet your goals, regardless of your level of expertise in design—whether you’re a novice looking to learn more about the field or an accomplished designer looking to improve your abilities. Accompany us on this quest to master Adobe Illustrator CC and unleash your creative potential.

1. Introduction to Course
2. Illustrator Fundamentals & Basics
3. Colors, Appearance & Graphic Styles in Illustrator
4. Drawing Tools & Techniques
5. Illustrator Brushes
6. Design With images in illustrator
7. Typography in Illustrator
8. Illustrator Advanced Techniques & Tricks
9. Exporting & Finalizing Artwork in illustrator

Adobe InDesign: With our Adobe InDesign course, learn the power of layout design and publication aesthetics. Learn the fundamental tools and methods required to produce brochures, periodicals, and other materials of a high calibre. This course, which is perfect for both novice and seasoned designers, provides instruction and professional mentoring to help you unlock your creativity and advance your design abilities. Come see how Adobe InDesign may enhance your graphic design endeavours.

1. Module: 01 – Intro Indesign

2. Module: 02 – Saving and Exporting

3. Module: 03 – Intro Multi -Page Documents

4. Module: 04 – Creating a Table

Complete Home styling & Interior design course: Take advantage of our Complete Home Styling & Interior Design course to fully immerse yourself in the world of interior design. This all-encompassing programme gives students the fundamental knowledge and abilities to turn any area into a calming and beautiful setting, from basic concepts to sophisticated methods. Learn the fundamentals of colour theory, spatial planning, and furniture selection as you delve into the art of designing elegant and useful spaces. This course offers priceless insights and direction to unlock your creativity and increase your design expertise, whether your goal is to become an interior designer or you’re just looking to improve your house. Discover the mysteries of interior design with us, and let your creativity run wild!

1. Module 1: Introduction to Interior Design
2. Module 2: Design Principles
3. Module 3: Project Overview
4. Module 4: Design Elements
5. Module 5: Design Elements Practical Components
6. Module 6: Room by Room Design
7. Module 7: Popular Interior Designs
8. Module 8: Sustainable Design
9. Module 9: Presenting Your Ideas
10. Module 10: Managing Interior Design Business

Complete User Experience Design: Adobe XD UI/UX Design: Discover the craft of user experience design with our all-inclusive course, Adobe XD UI/UX Design: Complete User Experience Design. Explore Adobe XD to learn the ideas and methods that go into making smooth digital experiences. This course gives you the tools to create user-friendly interfaces that attract users, regardless of your level of experience as a designer. Discover the tricks of UI/UX design to advance your profession in the ever-changing field of digital design.

1. Unit 01: UX/UI Course Introduction
2. Unit 02: Introduction to the Web Industry
3. Unit 03: Foundations of Graphic Design
4. Unit 04: UX Design (User Experience Design)
5. Unit 05: UI Design (User Interface Design)
6. Unit 06: Optimization
7. Unit 07: Starting a Career in UX/UI Design

Interior Design Principles and Elements Training: Interior Design Fundamentals and Components The training offers a thorough examination of the basic ideas and elements needed to design aesthetically pleasing and useful interior environments. Students will study the fundamentals of interior design with this course, which covers furniture placement, colour theory, and space planning. They learn how to create spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and beneficial to the occupants’ well-being by balancing elements like lighting, texture, and proportion.

1. Introduction
2. Introduction & Design Recipe
3. Design Element Line
4. Design Element: Shape
5. Design Element: Form
6. Design Element: Colour
7. Design Element: Texture
8. Design Element: Space
9. Design Element: Value
10. Design Principle: Pattern
and more…..

Instructional Design Pro Level 3: Professionals looking to expand their knowledge in creating impactful educational initiatives can enrol in Instructional Design Pro Level 3, an advanced course. This course provides learners with the necessary tools to create memorable and powerful learning experiences by delving into complex methods and methodologies. The complexities of instructional design will be thoroughly explored by participants, who will work from assessing learner needs to creating customised instructional materials. This course equips instructional designers to develop dynamic, immersive learning environments that produce outcomes, with an emphasis on advanced methodologies and applications.

1. Unit 01: Introduction
2. Unit 02: Determine Why They’d Want It
3. Unit 03: Research Teaching Strategies
4. Unit 04: Research Teaching Tools
5. Unit 05: Select the Teaching Strategies and Tools
6. Unit 06: Make it Real to Them
7. Unit 07: Proof the Specific Class Structure

Ultimate Flat Design in Affinity Designer Training: Learning how to use Affinity Designer software to understand flat design principles is made easy with the help of the Ultimate Flat Design in Affinity Designer Training course. Students will acquire the skills necessary to produce modern, minimalist designs for a range of digital media, including mobile apps and websites. By use of interactive tutorials and realistic exercises, learners will become adept at utilising Affinity Designer’s tools and capabilities to generate flat design projects of expert quality. This course fosters creativity and innovation in the field of flat design by providing anyone, regardless of experience level, with the skills and strategies needed to succeed in the modern design landscape.

1. Module 01: Introduction
2. Module 02: How to Create a Flat Design Desert Island
3. Module 03: How to Create A Flat Design Mountain Scene
4. Module 04: How to Create a Flat Design Garden and Barbecue
5. Module 05: How to Create a Modern Flat Design Terminal and Luggage
6. Module 06: How to Create a Modern Flat Design Bar Scene
7. Module 07: How to Create a Modern Flat Design Home Office
8. Module 08: How to Create a Modern Flat Design Night Camping Scene

Ultimate Flat Design Icons in Illustrator: Learn how to create elegant and sophisticated flat design icons using Illustrator’s Ultimate Flat Design Icons course, which emphasises accuracy and originality. Develop your Illustrator skills to create icons that are captivating and efficiently convey information on many digital platforms. Find out how to create simple, modern icons that improve user experiences and boost visual storytelling. Regardless of your level of experience, this course will provide you with the tools to create memorable designs that make an impact. Accompany us as we set out to master Illustrator’s flat design symbology.

1. Module 01: Introduction And The Flat Design Principles
2. Module 02: Create A Flat Design Lab Flask Icon
3. Module 03: Create A Flat Design Beer Icon
4. Module 04: Create A Flat Design Barbecue Icon
5. Module 05: Let’s Create Wine Glasses Flat Design Icon
6. Module 06: Create A-Sun Flat Design Icon
7. Module 07: Let’s Create the Dumbbell Flat Design Icon
8. Module 08: Let’s Create The Sushi Flat Design Icon
9. Module 09: Let’s Create A Suitcase Flat Design Icon
10. Module 10: Let’s Create A Girl Flat Design Icon

course-whyWhy choose this Course?

  • Offers a comprehensive toolkit for aspiring Graphic Designers, covering essential software like Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and InDesign.
  • Equips Graphic Designers with the versatility to work across multiple domains, including digital media, interior design, and user experience.
  • Projects and assignments are designed to mirror Graphic Designer challenges, ensuring experience.
  • Taught by industry veterans, the course provides insights into the latest trends and techniques in the Graphic Designer industry.
  • Flexible online learning environment, making it ideal for aspiring Graphic Designers balancing work or personal commitments.

course-highlightAccredited Certificate Validation & Process

At Skill Up, we highly value Certificate Validation for its crucial role in enhancing the educational journey. Our certificates are tangible proof of acquired knowledge and skills, serving as valuable assets for personal and professional growth. Accredited by top institutions, they ensure the highest standards in content, assessment, and course structure. These accreditations affirm our brand’s credibility and guarantee courses are continually updated to meet industry demands. Our certificates reflect a commitment to quality, excellence, and ongoing skill development.

Upon successfully completing the course, participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding through a comprehensive written assignment test, reflecting their mastery of the course topics. Upon successful test completion, a downloadable PDF certificate is available for a nominal fee of £6.99. For those desiring a tangible keepsake, original hard copy certificates can be ordered at an additional cost of £9.99. Please note that international participants will incur a £10 delivery charge outside of the UK. We believe in providing flexible options to celebrate your achievements and accommodate your preferences in showcasing your newly acquired skills.

course-requirementSupport and Feedback

  • 24/7 Effective Customer Support
  • Resume Check and Enhancement
  • Course Feedback and Improvement Mechanisms
  • Feedback in Education: Enhancing Learning Outcomes
  • Advanced Support Techniques

course-requirementPayment & Enrollment Process

  • Clear Steps to Enroll and Plans
  • Accessing the Course Platform
  • We Accept PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, and a wide range of dual currency debit and credit cards


No, beginners to Graphic Designer can start here.

Adobe Suite, Affinity Designer, among others.

Yes, providing a CPD accredited in Graphic Designer.


Absolutely, the course is designed for flexibility.

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