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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Animal Care and Psychology converge in a unique field that promises both challenge and reward. For those passionate about understanding and aiding animals, this domain offers unparalleled opportunities. At the heart of this profession lies the quest to decode the behaviors and emotions of animals to provide better care.

In the realm of Psychology, one of the most rewarding aspects is the ability to decode the mysteries behind an animal’s behavior. With every animal having its distinct personality and set of experiences, professionals in this field work tirelessly to understand the underlying reasons for specific behaviors. Whether it’s the aggressive behavior of a rescue dog or the anxiety displayed by a shelter cat, the insights gained from Psychology equip professionals to address and alleviate these issues, ensuring improved well-being for the animals.

Furthermore, as the importance of mental well-being in animals gains recognition, experts in Animal Care and Psychology play a pivotal role. From designing environments that cater to an animal’s psychological needs to offering therapy for traumatized animals, these professionals are at the forefront of transformative care. With each success story, they not only change the life of an individual animal but also contribute to a broader understanding and appreciation of the deep emotional lives of our non-human friends.

In essence, a career intertwined with Animal Care and Psychology isn’t merely about providing shelter or food. It’s about diving deep into the psyche of animals, understanding their fears, joys, and quirks, and utilizing this knowledge to elevate the standard of care provided. The fusion of these two fields ensures that our interactions with animals are more informed, empathetic, and enriching.

Learning outcome

  • Acquire a deep understanding of Animal Care principles.
  • Uncover the psychology behind dog, cat, and rabbit behaviors.
  • Apply learned behaviors for improved animal handling.
  • Utilize resources to aid in animal care and understanding.
  • Address and manage unique animal behaviors effectively.
  • Provide enriched care environments for pets based on their psychology.
  • Understand the interplay between Animal Care and psychology for holistic care.


  • An interest in animals and their well-being.
  • Eagerness to understand animal behavior.
  • Access to online course materials.

Why should I take this course?

  • Explore the psychology of popular pets.
  • Enhance Animal Care practices through understanding behavior.
  • Equip yourself to manage a range of animal behaviors.
  • Understand the motivations behind common animal actions.
  • Build a foundation for advanced animal psychology studies.
  • Access curated resources for deeper insights.
  • Improve the well-being and care of animals in your charge.

Career Path

  • Animal Care Specialist
  • Animal Behaviorist
  • Pet Care Advisor
  • Animal Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Animal Shelter Coordinator
  • Pet Psychology Counselor

Course Curriculum

AP Promo Video 00:01:00
About the Course 00:03:00
Introduction to Animal Psychology 00:05:00
The Evolution of Pets 00:07:00
Exercise Lesson 1 00:03:00
Psychology of Dog Behaviour
Dealing with Dogs 00:07:00
Behaviour in Dogs 00:08:00
Psychology of Dogs 00:07:00
Aggression in Dogs 00:10:00
Exercise Lesson 2 00:03:00
Psychology of Cat Behaviour
Dealing with Cats 00:06:00
Behaviour in Cats 00:07:00
Aggression and Cats 00:07:00
Psychology of Cats 00:06:00
Exercise Lesson 3 00:03:00
Psychology of Rabbit Behaviour
About Rabbits 00:06:00
Behaviour of Rabbits 00:06:00
Exercise Lesson 4 00:02:00
Final Test Preparation 00:02:00
Thank you and Good bye 00:04:00
Resources – Animal Care and Psychology Diploma 00:00:00

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