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15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

Do you ever want to be a cake expert? Especially an expert in cheesecake recipes? Well, in the Bake and Decorate New York Cheesecake course, you will enter the world of cheesecake.

Good cheesecake decoration expertise can bring you more than £29,398 per year.

This course starts with giving you a profound idea about New York cheesecake. A clear view of the components of cheesecake in the first module will help you most with your cake-making skills. You will learn the art of crafting cheesecake that meets the expectations and emotions of your clients/guests. The course’s second module will cover all the aspects of cheesecake you need to know to follow the perfect cheesecake process. Here, you will learn about the crust of cheesecake. A solid expertise in crust will increase your skill in presenting cheesecake that hits the taste buds of your clients like magic.

Moreover, this module will teach you the secret to becoming a master of cheese-cream mixing. You will understand how to create Iconic Soured Cream Toppings that delight people on their special day. You can easily make flavorful toppings like caramel sauce and double strawberries compote after completing the module.

In the last part of the Bake and Decorate New York Cheesecake course, you will gather the knowledge to assemble your cake most aesthetically. Whether you are an aspiring pastry maker or a passionate baker, this course will surely help you excel in cheesecake making. So enrol without any delay!

  • Learning outcome
  • Learn to craft the perfect crust and keep the required cheese cream consistency
  • Knowledge about essential components of cheesecake
  • Able to make soured cream toppings, caramel sauce, and lavish chocolate ganache
  • Grow your taste buds' ideas to balance flavours and pair multiple toppings smoothly
  • Gain the assembling & decorating skills to create a visually appealing cake
  • Achieve the culinary creativity level to experiment with versatile customised flavours for designing cheesecake
  • Requirements
  • Basic academic knowledge
  • Interest in cake decorations
  • Smartphone/PC/laptop
  • Why should I take this course?
  • Get a certification that is internationally recognized
  • Excellent course materials
  • Reasonable price
  • Self-paced learning
  • Open opportunities for yourself in the baking industry
  • Well structured content
  • Add cake decorating skills to your culinary resume
  • Career Path
  • Dessert Caterer
  • Cookbook Author
  • Professional Pastry Chef
  • Baking Instructor
  • Bakery Owner
  • Culinary Consultant

Course Curriculum

Introduction to the Class
Introduction to my Cheesecake 00:01:00
The Process
The Cheesecakes Recipes 00:02:00
Let’s start with a good Base: The Crust 00:10:00
The Cheese Cream Mixing 00:06:00
The Iconic Soured Cream Topping 00:03:00
The Caramel Sauce 00:04:00
The Double Strawberries Compote 00:04:00
The Lavish Chocolate Ganache 00:02:00
The Final Assembly
Cheesecake Final Cut 00:03:00
Course Conclusion 00:01:00

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