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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Sets 00:01:00
Definition of Set 00:09:00
Number Sets 00:10:00
Set Equality 00:09:00
Set-Builder Notation 00:10:00
Types of Sets 00:12:00
Subsets 00:10:00
Power Set 00:05:00
Ordered Pairs 00:05:00
Cartesian Products 00:14:00
Cartesian Plane 00:04:00
Venn Diagrams 00:03:00
Set Operations (Union, Intersection) 00:15:00
Properties of Union and Intersection 00:10:00
Set Operations (Difference, Complement) 00:12:00
Properties of Difference and Complement 00:08:00
De Morgan’s Law 00:08:00
Partition of Sets 00:16:00
Introduction 00:01:00
Statements 00:07:00
Compound Statements 00:13:00
Truth Tables 00:09:00
Examples 00:13:00
Logical Equivalences 00:07:00
Tautologies and Contradictions 00:06:00
De Morgan’s Laws in Logic 00:12:00
Logical Equivalence Laws 00:03:00
Conditional Statements 00:13:00
Negation of Conditional Statements 00:10:00
Converse and Inverse 00:07:00
Biconditional Statements 00:09:00
Examples 00:12:00
Digital Logic Circuits 00:13:00
Black Boxes and Gates 00:15:00
Boolean Expressions 00:06:00
Truth Tables and Circuits 00:09:00
Equivalent Circuits 00:07:00
NAND and NOR Gates 00:07:00
Quantified Statements – ALL 00:08:00
Quantified Statements – THERE EXISTS 00:07:00
Negations of Quantified Statements 00:08:00
Number Theory
Introduction 00:01:00
Parity 00:13:00
Divisibility 00:11:00
Prime Numbers 00:08:00
Prime Factorisation 00:09:00
GCD & LCM 00:17:00
Intro 00:06:00
Terminologies 00:08:00
Direct Proofs 00:09:00
Proofs by Contrapositive 00:11:00
Proofs by Contradiction 00:17:00
Exhaustion Proofs 00:14:00
Existence & Uniqueness Proofs 00:16:00
Proofs by Induction 00:12:00
Examples 00:19:00
Intro 00:01:00
Functions 00:15:00
Evaluating a Function 00:13:00
Domains 00:16:00
Range 00:05:00
Graphs 00:16:00
Graphing Calculator 00:06:00
Extracting Info from a Graph 00:12:00
Domain & Range from a Graph 00:08:00
Function Composition 00:10:00
Function Combination 00:09:00
Even and Odd Functions 00:08:00
One to One (Injective) Functions 00:09:00
Onto (Surjective) Functions 00:07:00
Inverse Functions 00:10:00
Long Division 00:16:00
Intro 00:01:00
The Language of Relations 00:10:00
Relations on Sets 00:13:00
The Inverse of a Relation 00:06:00
Reflexivity, Symmetry and Transitivity 00:13:00
Examples 00:08:00
Properties of Equality & Less Than 00:08:00
Equivalence Relation 00:07:00
Equivalence Class 00:07:00
Graph Theory
Intro 00:01:00
Graphs 00:11:00
Subgraphs 00:09:00
Degree 00:10:00
Sum of Degrees of Vertices Theorem 00:23:00
Adjacency and Incidence 00:09:00
Adjacency Matrix 00:16:00
Incidence Matrix 00:08:00
Isomorphism 00:08:00
Walks, Trails, Paths, and Circuits 00:13:00
Examples 00:10:00
Eccentricity, Diameter, and Radius 00:07:00
Connectedness 00:20:00
Euler Trails and Circuits 00:18:00
Fleury’s Algorithm 00:10:00
Hamiltonian Paths and Circuits 00:06:00
Ore’s Theorem 00:14:00
The Shortest Path Problem 00:13:00
Intro 00:01:00
Terminologies 00:03:00
Mean 00:04:00
Median 00:03:00
Mode 00:03:00
Range 00:08:00
Outlier 00:04:00
Variance 00:09:00
Standard Deviation 00:04:00
Intro 00:03:00
Factorials 00:08:00
The Fundamental Counting Principle 00:13:00
Permutations 00:13:00
Combinations 00:12:00
Pigeonhole Principle 00:06:00
Pascal’s Triangle 00:08:00
Sequence and Series
Intro 00:01:00
Sequence 00:07:00
Arithmetic Sequences 00:12:00
Geometric Sequences 00:09:00
Partial Sums of Arithmetic Sequences 00:12:00
Partial Sums of Geometric Sequences 00:07:00
Series 00:13:00

Basic Discrete Mathematics

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Basic Discrete Mathematics
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Gain the skills and credentials to kickstart a successful career and learn from the experts with this step-by-step training course. This Basic Discrete Mathematics has been specially designed to help learners gain a good command of Discrete Mathematics, providing them with a solid foundation of knowledge to become a qualified professional.

Through this Basic Discrete Mathematics, you will gain both practical and theoretical understanding of Discrete Mathematics that will increase your employability in this field, help you stand out from the competition and boost your earning potential in no time.

Not only that, but this training includes up-to-date knowledge and techniques that will ensure you have the most in-demand skills to rise to the top of the industry. This qualification is fully accredited, broken down into several manageable modules, ideal for aspiring professionals.

  • Learning outcome
  • Get a deep understanding of the Basic Discrete Mathematics just in hours not years
  • Familiar yourself with the recent development and updates of the relevant industry
  • Know how to use your theoretical and practical knowledge to adapt in any working environment
  • Get help from our expert tutors anytime you need
  • Access to course contents that are designed and prepared by industry professionals
  • Study at your convenient time and from wherever you want
  • Requirements
  • No formal qualifications required, anyone from any academic background can take this course.
  • Access to any internet-enabled smart device.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 18+ hours of on-demand video lectures and downloadable resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality E-learning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.
  • Internationally recognized Accredited Qualification will boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach adopted by successful salespeople to transform their careers.
  • You will be able to incorporate various practical sales techniques successfully and understand your customers better.


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