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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Navigating the complexities of British Democracy and the broader political landscape offers professionals unique opportunities and challenges. The intricacies of British Democracy have evolved over centuries, influenced by historical events, socio-economic changes, and global political shifts. Understanding these nuances allows professionals to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to the field.

The realm of British Democracy is vast and multifaceted. Political analysts, for instance, find themselves decoding parliamentary decisions, interpreting electoral outcomes, and providing insights into the functioning of political parties. Their expertise shapes how the public and decision-makers perceive and respond to political developments. Meanwhile, policy advisors use their deep understanding of British Democracy to draft, revise, or suggest policies that reflect the principles and aspirations of the UK’s political system.

Lastly, the interconnectedness of British Democracy and global political trends offers endless opportunities for research and collaboration. As the UK interacts with international entities, like the European Union, professionals who can bridge domestic political understandings with global political strategies are in high demand. Whether it’s trade negotiations, diplomatic missions, or international political consultations, an understanding of British Democracy and Political systems is invaluable. This dynamic field beckons those who are keen to shape, influence, and understand the course of British political history.

Learning outcome

  • Understand the foundation of British Democracy.
  • Grasp the workings of UK’s electoral systems.
  • Recognise the significance of political parties in UK politics.
  • Learn about the influence of pressure groups.
  • Comprehend the UK’s relationship with the European Union.
  • Acquire knowledge of the history and evolution of British politics.
  • Develop critical thinking skills in the realm of political systems.


  • Interest in British politics.
  • Willingness to engage with complex political topics.
  • A device for accessing the course content.

Why should I take this course?

  • Gain a deep understanding of British Democracy & Political Systems.
  • Enhance your knowledge of the UK’s political landscape.
  • Engage with critical issues shaping the future of the UK.
  • Learn from a well-organized and thoughtfully curated curriculum.
  • Stay informed on global political discussions.
  • Equip yourself with knowledge beneficial for academic or professional pursuits.
  • Become a more informed citizen or political enthusiast.

Career Path

  • Political Analyst
  • Policy Advisor
  • Political Campaign Strategist
  • Researcher in British Politics
  • Public Affairs Consultant
  • Government Relations Specialist

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Overview
Module 01: Overview of UK Politics 00:05:00
Section 02: Concept of Democracy
Module 02: Concept of Democracy 00:06:00
Section 03: Electoral Systems
Module 03: Electoral Systems 00:09:00
Section 04: Political Parties in UK_s Representative Democracy
Module 04: Political Parties in UK_s Representative Democracy 00:08:00
Section 05: Pressure Groups in the UK
Module 05: Pressure Groups in the UK 00:07:00
Section 06: The European Union
Module 06: The European Union 00:08:00

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