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Level 2 - Certificate

15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Are you a dog lover eager to know more about ensuring their well-being? Our “Canine First Aid” course is meticulously crafted for individuals seeking knowledge about the immediate, temporary care given to an injured or ill dog. Learn the nuances of canine health – from assessing pulses to understanding the dangers of poisoning.

From understanding the basics of first aid to mastering techniques like checking respiration and pulse, every unit is crafted to ensure you’re equipped to handle an array of situations. Whether it’s a minor cut or a life-threatening situation like poisoning, we’ve got you covered. With in-depth insights into bleeding, shock, and the nuances of safe handling and transport, you’ll emerge not just as a pet owner, but as a vigilant guardian, ready to shield your pet from harm.

With our “Canine First Aid” course, the safety of your cherished canine lies snugly in your hands. It’s not just about equipping yourself with the knowledge; it’s about weaving a safety net, ensuring that come what may, you stand prepared, skilled, and undeterred. Embrace this journey, and let’s make the world a safer place for our dogs, one lesson at a time.

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Learning outcome

  • Understand the fundamentals of first aid tailored for dogs.
  • Confidently manage and transport an injured canine.
  • Accurately assess a dog’s pulse and respiration.
  • Execute life-saving techniques during critical situations.
  • Address bleeding and shock promptly and effectively.
  • Identify and respond to canine poisoning symptoms.
  • Grasp the importance and application of each first aid unit.


  • Passion for canine welfare.
  • Basic knowledge about dogs and their behaviour.
  • Commitment to the course duration and materials.

Why should I take this course?

  • Gain crucial knowledge to protect a dog’s life during emergencies.
  • Enhance your confidence in handling dogs in distress.
  • Boost your credentials in canine care.
  • Stay prepared for unexpected canine health issues.
  • Make a tangible difference in the dog community.

Career Path

  • Canine First Aid Trainer
  • Dog Walker
  • Dog Sitter
  • Kennel Manager
  • Pet Care Assistant
  • Canine Therapist

Course Curriculum

Module: 01
Unit 01 What is First Aid? 00:15:00
Unit 02 Canine First Aid 00:15:00
Unit 03 Handling and Transport 00:20:00
Unit 04 Taking the pulse 00:10:00
Unit 05 Respiration 00:10:00
Module: 02
Unit 06 Life Saving Techniques 00:15:00
Unit 07 Bleeding 00:15:00
Unit 08 Shock 00:15:00
Unit 09 Poisoning 00:15:00
Unit 10 Fractures 00:10:00
Module: 03
Unit 11 Dislocation 00:10:00
Unit 12 Soft Tissue Injury 00:15:00
Unit 13 Eye Injuries 00:15:00
Unit 14 Metabolic Problems 00:10:00
Unit 15 Epilepsy 00:10:00
Module: 04
Unit 16 Heat Stroke 00:15:00
Unit 17 Bandaging 00:15:00
Unit 18 Snakebite 00:15:00
Unit 19 Chemical Injuries and Dehydration 00:15:00
Unit 20 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Just Say No, Fido 00:04:00
Module: 05
Unit 21 Driving Safely With Pets 00:04:00
Unit 22 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Buffet of Hazards 00:03:00
Unit 23 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Stay Cool 00:02:00
Unit 24 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Panties 00:02:00
Unit 25 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Road Trips 00:02:00
Module: 06
Unit 26 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Tazlab Collars 00:01:00
Unit 27 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Paper Shredders 00:01:00
Unit 28 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Collar Safety 00:02:00
Unit 29 Safe Dog Safety Tip: Tree Wells 00:02:00
Unit 30 Safe Dog Safety Tip: CPR 00:05:00
Unit 31 Conclusion to Canine First Aid 00:10:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Canine First Aid 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Canine First Aid 00:20:00

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