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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Module 01
Networking Fundamentals 00:45:00
Network Models and Topologies 00:23:00
Network Components and Services 00:04:00
Becoming a Network Professional 00:14:00
Module 02
Introducing Networking Standards 00:08:00
Open Interconnection Systems Reference Model 00:12:00
IEEE Network Standards 00:19:00
Module 03
Fundamentals of Network Transmission 00:19:00
Copper Media 00:16:00
Optical Media 00:08:00
Specialty Cables and Connectors 00:03:00
LAN Infrastructure Wiring 00:06:00
Wireless Networking 00:50:00
Module 04
Understanding TCP IP 00:39:00
Working with IPv4 Addresses 01:27:00
Working With IPv6 Addresses 00:26:00
Assigning Addresses with DHCP 00:14:00
Resolving Names Using DNS 00:19:00
Module 05
Introduction to Network Devices 00:08:00
Physical Layer Devices 00:10:00
Data Link Layer Devices 00:38:00
Network Layer Devices 00:42:00
Additional Network Devices 00:06:00
Module 06
WAN Fundamentals 00:07:00
Wired WAN Connections 00:20:00
Wireless WAN Connections 00:08:00
Fiber WAN Connections 00:13:00
Module 07
Introduction to Remote Networking 00:22:00
Authenticating Remote Connections 00:16:00
Understanding Virtual Private Networks 00:26:00
Module 08
Network Security Fundamentals 00:34:00
Planning for Network Security 00:44:00
Identifying Threats and Vulnerabilities 00:39:00
Protecting the Network 00:50:00
Module 09
Maintaining Business Continuity 00:24:00
Virtualization and Cloud Computing 01:00:00
Unified Communications 00:07:00
Module 10
Network Safety Fundamentals 00:10:00
Network Operations 00:04:00
Maintaining and Monitoring Networks 00:27:00
Troubleshooting Methodology 00:17:00
Troubleshooting Tools 00:19:00
Troubleshooting Network Issues 00:16:00
Mock Exam – CompTIA Network+ Certification
Mock Exam – CompTIA Network+ Certification 00:20:00
Final Exam - CompTIA Network+ Certification
Final Exam – CompTIA Network+ Certification 00:20:00

CompTIA Network+ Certification

4.8( 8 REVIEWS )
Duration: 16.98 Hours
CompTIA Network+ Certification


CompTIA Network+ Certification course provides learners with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to build a career in IT infrastructure involving troubleshooting, configuration, and network management.

  • Learning outcome
  • Gain advanced-level proficiency in designing and implementing functional networks.
  • Learn about the Bounded Network Media like cables, fiber optics, and converters and connectors.
  • Better command over Networking concepts, Infrastructure, Network Operations, Security, and Troubleshooting.
  • Better preparation for jobs related to a networking career.
  • Practical knowledge needed to fast track your career.


  • Learners will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience.
  • This course is available to all learners, of all academic backgrounds.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 22+ hours of high-quality e-learning content.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • To acquire a wide variety of network concepts and applications and Implementing best practices to manage the network, determining policies and ensuring continuity.
  • To prepare for the CompTIA Network+ Certification.
  • To boost your career in the Cybersecurity industry.


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