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15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

Dive headfirst into the exhilarating realm of cybersecurity with the “CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Course.” Beginning with a gripping exploration of threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, this CompTIA Security+ course promises to deepen your insight into the digital shadows where dangers lurk. Each module intricately weaves an aspect of cybersecurity, guiding you through a labyrinth of challenges that today’s digital world faces. As you peel back the layers of this intriguing domain, you’ll find yourself more equipped than ever to understand and combat the myriad threats of the cyber realm.

Journey further and you’ll encounter the sophistication of analyzing attacks, laying bare the techniques and strategies cyber adversaries employ. The subsequent modules on architecture, design, and system security offer a holistic view, ensuring you aren’t just reacting to threats but proactively designing systems that defy them. As you venture deeper, the world of cryptography unfolds, revealing the coded language of secure communications, a must-have skill in today’s encrypted era.

But we’re not stopping there. You’ll fortify your newfound knowledge by learning the practicalities of implementing secure networks, ensuring the integrity of hosts and identities, and diving into the meticulous procedures that keep operations watertight. And, as the grand finale, get ready to become the cyber-detective you always wanted to be, as you immerse yourself in incident response, forensics, and the critical arenas of governance, risk, and compliance. Elevate your career, one module at a time.

  • Learning outcome
  • Understand the different types of threats and attacks
  • Analyze attack techniques and identify vulnerabilities
  • Design and implement secure architectures
  • Protect physical and system security
  • Use cryptography to secure data
  • Implement secure networks and hosts
  • Manage identities and access control
  • Respond to incidents and conduct forensics
  • Understand governance, risk, and compliance
  • Requirements
  • A computer with internet access.
  • Basic knowledge of IT concepts
  • Ability to learn independently
  • Why should I take this course?
  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals.
  • Opportunity to delve into advanced topics like cryptography and incident response.
  • To equip oneself with skills highly sought after in today's digital landscape.
  • A course that serves as a stepping stone to various cybersecurity certifications.
  • To secure a promising career in the thriving cybersecurity industry.
  • Career Path
  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Information Assurance Manager
  • IT Security Consultant
  • Cryptography Specialist
  • Risk and Compliance Officer

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Understanding Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities
Understanding Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities 01:30:00
Module 02: Analysing Attacks
Analysing Attacks 01:01:00
Module 03: Architecture and Design
Architecture and Design 01:30:00
Module 04: Physical and System Security
Physical and System Security 00:30:00
Module 05: Cryptography
Cryptography 01:00:00
Module 06: Implementing Secure Networks
Implementing Secure Networks 01:35:00
Module 07: Implementing Secure Hosts and Identities
Implementing Secure Hosts and Identities 01:01:00
Module 08: Operational Procedures
Operational Procedures 00:55:00
Module 09: Incident Response and Forensics
Incident Response and Forensics 00:38:00
Module 10: Governance, Risk and Compliance
Governance, Risk and Compliance 01:10:00

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