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Level 3 - Diploma

15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Do you need clarification about how the career path in the travel industry shapes up in the long run? Do you have the passion to work in the tourism industry? This Diploma in Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Management course can be an excellent solution. Plus, the certificate course in hospital management will increase your value as a beginner professional in the eyes of hiring managers.

Module one will give you insight into the history of tourism. You will also learn about the integrated model of tourism. Moreover, you will be educated about the types of tourism, products and services of tourism, managing tourism, managing tour operations, etc. The following module is all about ‘Hospitality’.Here, you will discover the relationship between the hospitality industry & tourism as well.

Module three of the hospitality management course mainly focuses on the core principles of hospital management. This module will introduce you to the external factors that have a massive impact on the hospitality sector. Moreover, this module will teach you about the significance of hospitality brands. After completing this module, you will have the skill set to ensure quality hospitality management. The key focus of module four is to uplift your knowledge about transportation options, management of finances while travelling, efficient packing techniques, pre-trip preparations, and ensuring wellness on the road. The final module will give you a broad idea about travel destinations like Africa, Australia, Egypt, Costa Rica, etc. You will become a master of booking strategies. The central learning of module five is that you will know the role of travel agents, which will help you cater unforgettable experiences for your clients.

Join one of the best catering and hospitality management courses to kick-start a new beginning in the tourism industry.

Learning outcome

  • Have a profound idea about the historical impact of the tourism sector around the world
  • Learn about versatile accommodations, room types, and guest types
  • Gain knowledge about many travel destinations and their booking strategies
  • Ability to recognise hospitality brands and management
  • Become proficient in travel skills like financial management, packing, and transportation
  • Capable of realising the tourism impact on travel destinations for effective tourism management


  • Extremely passionate about the tourism industry
  • Basic academic knowledge
  • Fast internet connection
  • Smartphone/PC/Laptop

Why should I take this course?

  • Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Prepare yourself for the relevant sector
  • Make your resume stronger with versatile skills
  • Self-learning pace
  • Top-notch course content
  • Properly structured course 
  • Reasonable price

Career Path

  • Travel Agent
  • Hotel Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Cruise Ship Staff
  • Tour Operator
  • Hospitality Consultant
  • Resort Activities Coordinator

Course Curriculum

Module 1
Introduction to Travel & Tourism 00:30:00
History of Tourism 00:30:00
Integrated Model of Tourism 00:30:00
The Meaning of Travel Tourism and Tourist 01:00:00
Types of Tourism 00:15:00
The Products & Services of Tourism 00:30:00
Tourism-Destinations 01:00:00
Managing Tourism 01:00:00
Managing Tour Operations 00:30:00
Transportation 01:00:00
Quality Management 01:00:00
The Impacts of Tourism 01:00:00
Conclusion 00:15:00
Module 2
Introduction to Hospitality 00:15:00
Characteristics of the Hospitality Industry 00:15:00
Relationship Between the Hospitality Industry and Tourism 00:15:00
Types of Accommodation 00:15:00
Types of Room 00:30:00
Types of Hotel Guests 00:15:00
Module 3
Introduction to Hospitality Management 01:00:00
Influences Which Affect the Industry 00:15:00
The Development of the Hospitality Industry 01:00:00
Hospitality Brands 00:15:00
Accommodation 01:00:00
Food Service 01:00:00
Successful Quality Management 01:00:00
Module 4
Pointers for Gaining Access to Money While Traveling on the Road 00:30:00
A “Must-Do” Before Going on a Trip 01:00:00
Practical Packing Tips 00:30:00
Wellness Tips 01:00:00
Transportation Techniques 00:30:00
Shopping Pitfalls 00:30:00
Food and Dining Tips 00:30:00
Money, Money, Money Wits 00:30:00
The 6 Top Airport Scams and What to Do to Guard against Them 01:00:00
A Commonly Hidden Foreign Airport Warning 00:30:00
Don’t Prepay for that Gas 00:15:00
Surefire Ways to Guard against Air-Travel Tiredness 00:30:00
What to Do if a Person Becomes Ill While Traveling in Air? 01:00:00
The Best but Affordable Places to Eat while Traveling 00:30:00
How to Get Paid while Taking a Vacation 00:30:00
Module 5
Africa Safari Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Australia Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Booking Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Costa Rica Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Disneyland Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Disney World Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Egypt Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Exotic Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Hilo Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Hot Spots in Travel Temptations 00:15:00
How Online Travel Temptations Work 00:15:00
Indiana Travel Temptations 01:00:00
Key West Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Mexico Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Michigan Travel Temptations 01:00:00
Ohio Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Panama Travel Temptations 00:30:00
RIU Paradise Island Travel Temptations 00:15:00
San Diego Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Sandy Point Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Singapore Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Tennessee Travel Temptations 01:00:00
Travel Agents and Travel Temptations 00:15:00
Travel Destination to Alaska 01:00:00
Travel Destination to New Mexico 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Amsterdam 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Iowa 00:30:00
Travel temptations on a Nile River Cruise Liner 00:15:00
Travel temptations through Nevada 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Antigua 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in California 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Canada 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Chicago 00:30:00
Travel temptations in Colorado 00:30:00
Travel temptations in Hawaii 00:30:00
Travel temptations in Kentucky 00:30:00
Travel temptations in Montana 00:30:00
Travel temptations in New York 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in North Carolina 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in South Carolina 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Oregon 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Rome 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in South Dakota 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in the Bahamas 01:00:00
Travel Temptations in the Caribbean 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in the UK 00:30:00
Travel Temptations in Washington DC 00:30:00
Wisconsin Travel Temptations 00:30:00
Conclusion to Diploma in Travel & Tourism 00:15:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Diploma in Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management 00:30:00

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