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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Are you interested in learning about the science of food? Do you want to know how food is produced, processed, and preserved? If so, then the Food Science Diploma is the course for you! In this course, you will learn about the basic principles of food science, including food chemistry, microbiology, and engineering. You will also learn about the different methods of food preservation and processing, as well as the factors that affect food quality.

Beginning with an introductory foray into the marvels of food science, learners will soon be ushered into the intricate dance of food quality. How does one measure the taste, texture, or appearance of food? What microorganisms make our yoghurt tangy and our bread fluffy? As you proceed, the mysteries of food deterioration unfold, offering vital knowledge to combat food waste. Moreover, with rising concerns over food safety, you’ll become adept at the arts of preservation, processing, and the subtleties of packaging, ensuring that what we eat is not only delicious but safe and sustainable.

From unearthing the nuances of food microbiology to standing at the frontier of food engineering and technology, every section is a step closer to understanding the food we love so dearly. It’s not just a course; it’s an invitation to a feast of knowledge curated for curious minds and hungry hearts.

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Learning outcome

  • Understand the basic principles of food science, including food chemistry, microbiology, and engineering.
  • Apply the principles of food science to the production, processing, and preservation of food.
  • Identify and control the factors that affect food quality.
  • Design and implement food safety and quality assurance programs.
  • Communicate effectively about food science to a variety of audiences.


  • A keen interest in understanding food beyond its taste.
  • Basic scientific background or curiosity to learn.
  • Commitment to complete all course sections.

Why should I take this course?

  • Understand the intricate details behind what you consume every day.
  • Position yourself for a career in the burgeoning food industry.
  • Stay updated with the latest in food preservation and technology.
  • Make informed decisions about food safety and quality.
  • Enhance your career with a specialised diploma.

Career Path

  • Food Technologist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Food Microbiologist
  • Food Process Engineer
  • Food Packaging Specialist
  • Food Additives Researcher

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction to Food Science
Module 1: Introduction to Food Science 00:14:00
Section 02: Food Quality
Module 2: Food Quality 00:11:00
Section 03: Food Microbiology
Module 3: Food Microbiology 00:10:00
Section 04: Food Deterioration
Module 4: Food Deterioration 00:14:00
Section 05: Food Preservation and Processing
Module 5: Food Preservation and Processing 00:14:00
Section 06: Fundamentals of Food Packaging
Module 6: Fundamentals of Food Packaging 00:13:00
Section 07: Food Additives
Module 7: Food Additives 00:12:00
Section 08: Food Engineering and Technology
Module 8: Food Engineering and Technology 00:15:00

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