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Course Description​

The world of golf has undergone significant transformation, and within this evolving landscape, golf course management and golf cart etiquette have emerged as focal points of interest. Over the years, professionals have dedicated themselves to refining these aspects, and their achievements have been remarkable.

In the early 2000s, renowned golf course designer Jack Greensworth took on the ambitious task of redesigning one of the country’s most elite golf courses. While his architectural prowess was already known, what set this project apart was his dedication to golf cart etiquette. Greensworth introduced dedicated golf cart lanes, ensuring smooth traffic and reducing wear and tear on the grass. This thoughtful integration of golf cart etiquette was a game-changer, setting a precedent for golf courses worldwide.

Another pivotal moment came in 2015 when the International Golf Course Management Association (IGCMA) held its first-ever symposium dedicated entirely to golf cart etiquette. The event witnessed participation from global experts and led to the establishment of universal guidelines for golf cart use on the golf course. These guidelines, now adopted by many prestigious golf courses, emphasize respect for fellow players, the course’s environment, and most importantly, safety measures to prevent accidents.

Lastly, a recent highlight was when PineValley Golf Course, a top-ranking golf course, integrated advanced tech solutions to enhance golf cart etiquette further. They introduced smart golf carts equipped with sensors that alert drivers when they deviate from designated paths, ensuring the pristine condition of the golf course is maintained. This tech-forward approach to golf cart etiquette is being heralded as the future, blending tradition with innovation.

In essence, the journey of golf course management and golf cart etiquette has been one of continuous learning and adaptation, with experts and enthusiasts contributing to its rich legacy.

Learning outcome

  • Understand golf cart operation and safety guidelines.
  • Learn essential golf cart etiquette for the golf course.
  • Master pre-use inspection techniques for maintenance.
  • Grasp key communication strategies for passenger safety.
  • Know emergency protocols and first aid applications.
  • Comprehend the significance of risk management.
  • Earn a certificate upon successful course completion.


  • Basic understanding of golf course operations.
  • Eagerness to learn about golf cart safety.
  • Reliable internet for online modules.

Why should I take this course?

  • You should take this course to:
  • Gain expertise in golf cart operation and safety.
  • Increase awareness about golf course etiquette.
  • Equip yourself with emergency response knowledge.
  • Boost confidence in your golf cart maintenance skills.
  • Earn a certificate to showcase your proficiency.
  • Benefit from a thorough and structured curriculum.
  • Stand out in golf course management roles.

Career Path

  • Golf Course Manager
  • Golf Cart Maintenance Specialist
  • Golf Course Safety Officer
  • Golf Club Supervisor
  • Golf Cart Fleet Manager
  • Golf Resort Coordinator

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction
Module 01: Introduction to Golf Cart Safety 00:24:00
Section 02: Golf Cart Operation Basics
Module 02: Golf Cart Operation Basics 00:27:00
Section 03: Passenger Safety and Communication
Module 03: Passenger Safety and Communication 00:25:00
Section 04: Golf Cart Etiquette and Risk Management
Module 04: Golf Cart Etiquette and Risk Management 00:17:00
Section 05: Maintenance and Pre-Use Inspections
Module 05: Maintenance and Pre-Use Inspections 00:20:00
Section 06: Emergency Procedures and First Aid
Module 06: Emergency Procedures and First Aid 00:21:00

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