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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction
Introduction 00:03:00
Module 02: First approach, first sketch
Preparation to sketching 00:02:00
Placement, measurement, outline 00:05:00
We do sketch: when to stop? 00:06:00
Module 03: Sketching without shading, language of lines
The line language 00:06:00
Preparatory part of the line sketch 00:05:00
Using the line language in sketch 00:05:00
Module 04: Linear perspective in landscape
Types of linear perspective 00:06:00
One-point perspective scheme in landscape 00:10:00
Two-point perspective scheme in landscape 00:06:00
Module 05: Addendum
Adding human figures and cars to landscape 00:05:00
Supplemental Files 00:35:00
Module 06: Two-point perspective
Grid, helping with perspective drawing 00:05:00
Using perspective grid in sketch 00:07:00
Finalizing sketch with perspective grid 00:05:00
Module 07: Three-point perspective
Three-point perspective using grid 00:07:00
Three-point perspective sketch from life 00:08:00
Three-point perspective without horizon line 00:05:00
Supplemental Files 00:35:00
Resources – Landscape Sketching 00:00:00

Landscape Sketching Masterclass

4.7( 9 REVIEWS )
Landscape Sketching Masterclass
  • Course Highlights

Acquire a remarkable, lifetime practicable skill of sketching with this mind blowing Landscape Sketching Masterclass course. This epic course offers you all the essential tips and tricks you’ll need to conquer an artistic profession.

The landscape has been a part of art whilst people have been creating it. All you need to create a masterpiece is focus and selective attention. You will get extended ideas and pro tips from this course to become an expert. You will adept the variance of prospects.

This course will educate you on how to use art supplies and make simple sketches on the go, whether you’re an accomplished artist or a novice. It guides you in the usage of grids and with/without horizon lines in multi-point perspectives. It covers measurement principles, structure, schematics, and various perspectives. After you’ve mastered the fundamentals of identifying large shapes, measuring them, and arranging them on the page, the rest should be relatively simple.

Enrol without wasting a moment to attain marvellous skills in sketching and go ahead of the pack! 

  • Learning outcome
  • Brief understanding of placement, measurement and outline.
  • Grasp the idea of sketching without shading and line language.
  • Get a grip on forms of perspectives in landscape sketching.
  • Add figures and features.
  • Clasp new techniques and approaches.
  • Requirements
  • No formal qualifications required, anyone from any academic background can take this course.
  • Access to any internet-enabled smart device.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 2+ hours of on-demand video lectures and downloadable resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality E-learning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.
  • Internationally recognized Accredited Qualification will boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach adopted by successful salespeople to transform their careers.
  • You will be able to incorporate various practical sales techniques successfully and understand your customers better.
  • Who is this course for
  • Beginners in the art of sketching
  • Any of the suggestions would be useful to professional artists


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