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Level 3 - Diploma

15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

You won’t expect the flowers without planting water and nurturing it. Children are like that, too! This uniquely designed Level 3 Diploma in Child Care – CPD Certified course will enable you to overcome the challenges as a parent to provide child support in the best possible way. This course would be excellent, even if you plan to join the health and social care industry.

This eight-module course covers the fundamentals of child care and safeguarding children. The first module also sheds light on the importance of childcare equipment. It will empower the learners to contribute more to a child’s overall development. The second module is crafted to give insights into the essential guidelines regarding child care. It also increases the learner’s awareness to keep the child safe from household hazards.

Module 3 will enhance the learner’s foundation on child development milestones like fine motor skills, social skills, cognitive skills, and speech development. It will let the learner assist the child in their growth and development. The next Level 3 Diploma in Child Care – CPD Certified course module goes through the multiple aspects of child psychology. In the last four modules, you, as a learner, will gather knowledge to create effective communication with the child. You will also learn to manage their behaviour and ability to address public safety for the child.

Enrol in the best childcare course online to positively impact society!

  • Learning outcome
  • Gain a deep knowledge of childcare principles, child development milestones, and the legal requirements of childcare
  • In-depth idea of child psychology, genetics, self-esteem, genetics, etc.
  • Ability to guide children's behaviour using effective methods
  • Develop an understanding of household safety like electrical safety, choking hazard prevention
  • Smooth communication skills with the child for fruitful interactions
  • Possess the capability to address a holistic approach to childcare
  • Requirements
  • Basic academic knowledge
  • Internet connection with a smartphone or PC
  • Why should I take this course?
  • Reasonable and high-quality e-learning content
  • Globally recognised certificate
  • Open doors for career opportunities in the childcare sector
  • The self-paced learning feature lets you complete the course according to your time
  • To create a positive impact on children's lives
  • Career Path
  • Early child educator/teacher
  • Child Care centre manager
  • Child development specialist
  • Family support worker
  • Childcare consultant
  • Parenting educator
  • Childcare trainer

Course Curriculum

Child Care
Childcare Basics 00:30:00
Legal Requirements 01:00:00
Health And Safety Issues 00:30:00
Child Care Equipments 00:30:00
Guidelines for Carer
Child Care Guidelines 00:30:00
Outdoor Safety 00:15:00
Plants That Poison 00:15:00
Guidelines for Food Preparation and Handling 00:30:00
Changing Diapers 00:30:00
Symptoms of Illness 00:30:00
Child Development
Development Basics 00:30:00
Expected Milestones For Your Child’s Age 01:00:00
Gross Motor Skills 01:00:00
Fine Motor Skills 00:30:00
Cognitive Skills 00:30:00
Speech 00:30:00
Social Skills 01:00:00
Developmental Delays 00:30:00
Child Psychology
What is Child Psychology? 00:15:00
Defining Children and Childhood 00:15:00
Child Development Theories 01:00:00
Genetics 00:15:00
Cognitive Development 00:30:00
Physical Development 00:15:00
Social and Emotional Development 00:15:00
Attachment 00:15:00
Self Esteem & Confidence 00:15:00
Gender Roles and Gender Differences 00:30:00
Learning Disability 01:00:00
Behavioral Disorders 00:30:00
High Intelligence & School Psychology 00:15:00
Phases of Grief 00:30:00
Nutrition and Child Development 00:30:00
Developing into Adulthood 00:30:00
Child Empowerment
Build Your Child’s Self Esteem 00:30:00
Catch The Good And Not Always The Bad 00:30:00
Demonstrate The Love Is Unconditional 00:30:00
Make Rules And Be Consistent 01:00:00
Make Special Time For Your Child 00:30:00
Always Set An Example 00:30:00
Don’t Dominate A Conversation 00:30:00
Learn To Be A Good Communicator 01:00:00
An Unnourished Child has A Long Road Ahead 00:30:00
Child's Social Behaviour Training & Management
The Three Modes of Management 01:00:00
What Are Gentle Measures? 01:00:00
There Must be Authority 01:00:00
Gentle Punishment Of Disobedience 01:00:00
The Philosophy of Punishment Action 01:00:00
Rewarding Obedience 01:00:00
The Art of Training Delivery 01:00:00
Methods Exemplified 01:00:00
Della and The Dolls 01:00:00
The Child With The Parent 01:00:00
The Parent With The Child 01:00:00
Difference Between Commendation and Encouragement 01:00:00
Faults of Immaturity 01:00:00
Activities for kids Early Learning 01:00:00
The Role of Imagination in Children`s development 01:00:00
Truth and Falsehood 01:00:00
Judgement and Reasoning 01:00:00
Wishes and Requests 01:00:00
Children`s Questions 01:00:00
The Use of Money 01:00:00
Corporal Punishment 01:00:00
Gratitude in Children 01:00:00
Religious Training 01:00:00
Child Safety
Public Safety Basics 00:30:00
Stranger Danger! 01:00:00
School Bus Safety 01:00:00
Playground Safety 00:15:00
Public Hygiene Safety 00:30:00
Internet Safety 00:30:00
Latest Tech Gadgets For Child Safety 01:00:00
The Issues With Not Teaching Your Child Public Safety Rules 00:15:00
Household Safety
Safety Basics 00:30:00
Being Safe With Electricity 00:30:00
Being Safe With Fall Hazards 00:30:00
Safety With Poisons 00:30:00
Safety With Choking Hazards 00:30:00
Emergency Contacts And How To Use Them 00:15:00
The Dangers Behind Not Child Proofing 00:30:00
Recommended Reading
Recommended Reading: Level 3 Diploma in Child Care CPD Accredited 00:00:00
Refer A Friend
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- Level 3 Diploma in Child Care CPD Accredited 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Level 3 Diploma in Child Care CPD Accredited 00:30:00

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