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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:09:00
What Is Motivation 00:09:00
Motivational Skills
The Mind Game Of Motivation 00:08:00
What Is De-Motivation 00:08:00
Motivation In Your Personal Life 00:05:00
Motivational Strategies
Mastering Your Mistakes 00:08:00
Misconceptions About Motivation 00:07:00
How To Keep Motivated 00:07:00
Motivation – Hero & Villain 00:08:00
Conclusion 00:01:00

Motivational Mastery for Coaching Course

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Motivational Mastery for Coaching Course
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Everybody procrastinates to some extent, it is in our nature. This is where motivation comes in to put a purpose to do what should be done, and to do it better. It is the drive to make us work toward our goals, to put effort into self-improvement, and to achieve personal fulfillment. Motivation gives us the power and reason to work, creates determination, and a sense of focus on our life. 


While self-motivation is generally driven by intrinsic motivation, but to be able to motivate others, you require a different set of skills, a better understanding of the human mind, and learn how to inspire someone to bring the best out of them.


This course is designed for aspiring leaders, students, teachers, and every other professional and especially the ones who are struggling to get things done. In this course, you will understand the psychological aspects of motivation, understand why we do better whilst motivated and often fail to achieve the goal in the absence of motivation. You will learn what works for you and how to utilize it to self-motivate and others too to function better.

  • Learning outcome
  • Explore the psychological aspects of the human mind, why, and how motivation works.
  • Gain a deep understanding of what drives us to engage and perform better.
  • Learn the secrets of availing and auto-piloting techniques of long-term motivation.
  • Understand people better to influence them to bring the best out of them.
  • Learn how you can change your perspective towards failure and how to make the most out of them.
  • Uncover your own flaws, the “dos and don'ts” to stay motivated and energized.
  • Learn how to stay steer clear of demotivating individuals and situations.
  • Explore proven techniques and strategies to always strive for betterment, push yourself to do more.
  • Requirements
  • No formal qualifications required, anyone from any academic background can take this course.
  • Access to any internet-enabled smart device.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 1+ hour of on-demand video lectures and downloadable resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality E-learning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.
  • Internationally recognized Accredited Qualification.
  • You will learn the secrets of self-motivation and also will be able to motivate others to be the best version of themselves.
  • You will explore various techniques and strategies to gain control of your actions to help perform better, even in the most challenging circumstances.


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