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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Meet Me And 'The Boys' This Is Where It All Started...
These 2 Dogs Changed My Life And My Career! 00:03:00
This Is What You'll Get From This Course
This Is What You’ll Get From This Course 00:03:00
Important - Please Read This
Please Read This First Before Watching The Next Sections 00:02:00
The Power Of Herbs - Top 10 Herbs For Dogs
Herbs – What Are They? 00:01:00
#1 Top Herb For Dogs 00:03:00
#2-5 Top Herbs For Dogs 00:03:00
#6-10 Top Herbs For Dogs 00:05:00
Herbs – Where To Get Them From And What Ailments They Are Used For 00:08:00
Other Suggestions Of Where You Can Get Herbs From And The Disorders They Heal 00:12:00
Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs
Homeopathy – What It Is And 12 Great Remedies For Your Dog 00:06:00
Where To Get Homeopathic Remedies From And The Ailments They Work With 00:04:00
Aromatherapy Remedies For Dogs
What Aromatherapy Is And What Remedies Are Good To Use For Different Ailments 00:08:00
Important – Don’t Use These Aromatherapy Oils On Dogs 00:01:00
Aromatherapy Recipes For Numerous Health Problems And Behavior Problems In Dogs 00:04:00
Suggestions Of Where To Get Aromatherapy Oils From 00:03:00
Bach Flowers For Dogs
What Bach Flowers Are And What Symptoms They Work With 00:05:00
Suggestions Of Where To Get Bach Flowers From 00:03:00
Additional Goodies For Dogs
This Natural Remedy Works Like Magic For So Many Dogs 00:08:00
This Natural Remedy Saved My Dog From Having An Operation 00:04:00
How To Naturally Heal Ear Infections And Resolve Ear Mites 00:03:00
A Magical Remedy – Omega 3 Oils For Dogs 00:02:00
Natural First Aid Kit For Dogs
How To Create Your Natural First Aid Kit Specifically For Your Dog 00:03:00
Finding A Local Homeopathic/Holistic Vet Near You
How To Find Your Local Homeopathic/Holistic Vet 00:02:00
This Is Your Resource List 00:06:00
Bonus Section
**Bonus** How To Treat Your Dogs Ear Infections Naturally 00:05:00
**Bonus** 15 Natural Recipe Treats Your Dog Will Love 00:42:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training 00:20:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate New 00:00:00

Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training

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Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training


For dog owners, hands-on Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training is a must for health safety as well as to communicate with the dog properly. Dog Training – Natural Remedies for Health & Dog Training course provides you with the solution for all common dog diseases. With dogs like diarrhoea, ear infection, joint issues and skin diseases, you can learn how to treat common illness naturally. Discover growing plants, homoeopathic medicines, aromatherapy oils and Bach flowers for so many specific diseases have amazing curing powers.

  • Learning outcome
  • How to use natural remedies for dog training.
  • How to resolve unwanted behaviours such as aggression, separation anxiety, incessant barking, pulling on the lead and much more.
  • Learn natural Remedies for Health & Dog
  • Homoeopathic Remedies For Dogs
  • Aromatherapy Remedies For Dogs


  • Learners of all backgrounds and qualifications can enroll in this course. You must have a desire to become a professional dog trainer, to work with dogs, and to make a difference in the world.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 3+ hours of high-quality e-learning content
  • You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.
  • Internationally recognized accredited qualifications will boost up your resume.
  • Internationally recognized accredited qualification
  • This course was created by a leading expert to get a strong, safe, lively and well-behaved dog utilizing natural remedies


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