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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

A Brief History of Photography
Is It Art 00:08:00
A Brief History Of Photography 00:06:00
The Great Debate 00:09:00
Activities 00:02:00
The Art Of Seeing
Introduction 00:01:00
The Ordered Universe 00:08:00
Beauty Detector 00:04:00
Let There Be Light 00:07:00
The Photographer’s Playground 00:11:00
Activities 00:01:00
Seeing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Seeing The Light 00:05:00
Hard Light 00:09:00
Soft Light 00:09:00
Colour Temperature 00:03:00
Activities 00:01:00
Controlling The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Working The Scene 00:02:00
Moving Your Feet 00:08:00
Moving Your Subject 00:07:00
Move Your Light 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
Capturing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
Your Camera 00:18:00
The Three Levers 00:11:00
ISO 00:05:00
The Shutter 00:07:00
The Aperture 00:13:00
Activities 00:01:00
Processing The Light
Introduction 00:01:00
The Digital Darkroom 00:10:00
Lightroom Edit 00:10:00
Snapseed Edit 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
The Core Principles Of Composition
Introduction 00:01:00
The Environment 00:06:00
Leading The Eye 00:04:00
Evoking Emotion 00:05:00
Symmetry 00:06:00
Activities 00:01:00
The Basic Rules Of Composition
Introduction 00:01:00
The Rule Of Thirds 00:09:00
Leading Lines 00:07:00
The Highest Point Of Contrast 00:13:00
Activities 00:01:00
Color Photography
Introduction 00:01:00
Adventures In Color 00:06:00
Hue Saturation Luminosity 00:03:00
The Color Wheel 00:12:00
Working With Color 00:10:00
Simple Color Edit 00:09:00
Activities 00:01:00
Black And White Photography
Introduction 00:01:00
Why Black And White 00:04:00
King Luminosity 00:04:00
A Zone System 00:05:00
Seeing In Black And White 00:06:00
A Simple Black And White Edit 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
Controlling The Frame
Introduction 00:01:00
Isolating The Subject 00:08:00
Negative Space 00:05:00
Framing Your Subject 00:07:00
Activities 00:01:00
Abstract And Geometric Composition
Abstract Images 00:06:00
Seeing Like An Architect 00:06:00
Strong Visual Elements 00:09:00
Activities 00:01:00
Creative Portraiture
Introduction 00:01:00
The In Between Moments 00:05:00
The Eyes 00:08:00
Body Language And Gesture 00:12:00
Activities 00:01:00
Finding Yourself As A Photographer
Introduction 00:01:00
Creating An Image 00:07:00
Creating A Style 00:08:00
Creating A Series 00:02:00
Creating A Body Of Work 00:03:00
Sharing Your Work 00:06:00
Natural Light Portrait Photography
Introduction To Natural Light Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Finding Your Light 00:03:00
Hard Light And Soft Light – A Recap Of The Basics 00:05:00
Outside Soft Light 00:09:00
Inside Soft Light 00:08:00
Outside Hard Light 00:14:00
Inside Hard Light 00:08:00
Finding Your Background – Simple Backdrops 00:04:00
Finding Your Background – Complex Backdrops 00:06:00
Posing Your Subject – A Refresher 00:04:00
Projects For Natural Light Photography 00:01:00
Building A Home Based Portrait Studio On A Budget
Introduction To Home Based Photography Studio 00:01:00
Finding Your Studio Location 00:06:00
Camera Choices 00:05:00
Lens Choices 00:02:00
Equipment List 00:06:00
Additional Studio Equipment 00:05:00
Basic Studio Lighting Set Up 00:06:00
Finding Clients For Your Business 00:06:00
Recording Your Floor Plans 00:01:00
Dealing With The Public 00:03:00
Activities For Home Based Photography Studio 00:01:00
Classic Studio Portrait Photography
Introduction To Classic Studio Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Open Loop Lighting 00:05:00
Closed Loop Lighting 00:05:00
Butterfly Lighting 00:06:00
Split Lighting 00:06:00
Short Lighting 00:04:00
Broad Lighting 00:03:00
Rembrandt Lighting 00:07:00
Studio Backdrops 00:03:00
Preparing The Subject 00:06:00
Choosing The Facial Angle 00:07:00
Posing The Body 00:05:00
Body Poses And Posture 00:03:00
Body Poses – The Light Pose For Males 00:04:00
Body Poses – The Shadow Pose For Females 00:04:00
Group Shots – Basic Core Principles 00:03:00
Couples Shots – Basic Core Principles 00:10:00
Black And White Portrait Tips – A Refresher 00:01:00
Lens Choices In The Studio 00:01:00
Classic Studio Course Activities 00:01:00
Modern Studio Portrait Photography
Introduction to Modern Studio Portrait Photography 00:01:00
Studio Lighting Buying Tips 00:03:00
Strobe Modifers Explained 00:05:00
Standard One Light Techniques 00:09:00
Non Standard One Light Techniques 00:08:00
Two Light Techniques 00:07:00
Three Light Techniques 00:03:00
Four Light Techniques 00:08:00
Hollywood Lighting- Advanced Lighting 00:08:00
Modern Studio Photography Activities 00:01:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate New 00:00:00

Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass

4.7( 8 REVIEWS )
  • Course Highlights

To learn the art and excel in a photography career, you need to have proper knowledge of it, and this Photography Composition & Portrait Photography Masterclass will help you know the drill. It covers the fundamental techniques and tactics of photography; simultaneously, it will help to unwrap your inner creativity. 

  • Learning outcome
  • Know the fundamentals of photography
  • Demonstrate understanding of the visual language of photography
  • Explore your creative side and create powerful compositions
  • Understand the effect of light and color composition
  • Capture great color, and black and white photographs
  • Manifest advanced photography composition techniques
  • Know using natural lights
  • Use flash strobes in modern studio settings
  • Capture portrait photographs
  • Set up a home-based portrait studio with a limited budget, and much more!
  • Requirements
  • No prior knowledge is required, you need to have enough passion for photography
  • People from all academic backgrounds can avail the course
  • You need to have access to a computer with an internet connection
  • High-speed broadband access (LAN, Cable, or DSL) is highly recommended for an optimal learning experience
  • Why should I take this course?
  • To boost your skill and learn new techniques
  • To get more reach and more clients
  • To impress your followers and customers with outstanding captures
  • To advance your career, and enhance your brand reputation
  • 12 hours of high-quality e-learning content
  • Accredited course completion certificate


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