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15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

This transformative journey is your key to unlocking the art of orchestrating projects to triumphant success. That’s precisely what this course offers – the knowledge and skills to steer your projects toward victory.

In this comprehensive training, you’ll embark on an adventure spanning eighteen illuminating modules. Begin with Module 01, where you’ll be introduced to the very essence of project management, setting the stage for your voyage. Navigate through the intricacies of PMBOK and PMI in Module 02, laying a strong foundation for industry standards. Explore the global landscape of project management in Module 03, preparing you for the challenges of today’s interconnected world.

Throughout your journey, you’ll unravel critical concepts, from understanding the project life cycle and mastering time management in Modules 04 and 05 to fine-tuning quality management in Module 06. Dive into human resources, performance, and talent management in Modules 08 and 09, honing your skills to lead and inspire your project teams. Along the way, you’ll conquer topics such as communication, risk management, and business resilience, equipping yourself with the tools to thrive in the dynamic world.

Join us on this adventure, and by the end of this course, you’ll not only possess a comprehensive understanding of project management but also the confidence to apply your knowledge effectively in real.

  • Learning outcome
  • Grasp PMBOK and PMI standards for project excellence.
  • Navigate diverse global project scenarios adeptly.
  • Develop robust time and quality management strategies.
  • Harness effective planning, communication, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Excel in human resource, performance, and talent management.
  • Become adept at crisis resilience and change adaptation.
  • Proficiently manage procurement, risk, and project resources.
  • Requirements
  • Basic understanding of business concepts.
  • Familiarity with general project environments.
  • Willingness to engage in interactive learning.
  • Who is this Course for?
  • Acquire comprehensive project management expertise.
  • Seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights.
  • Elevate your leadership, communication, and crisis-handling skills.
  • Stand out with proficiency in global project dynamics.
  • Unlock opportunities for diverse roles in project-driven industries.
  • Career Path
  • Project Manager
  • Team Lead
  • Risk Analyst
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Human Resources Coordinator

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Project Management
Introduction to Project Management 00:23:00
Module 02: PMBOK and PMI
PMBOK and PMI 00:15:00
Module 03: Global Project Management
Global Project Management 00:40:00
Module 04: Project Life Cycle
Project Life Cycle 00:30:00
Module 05: Time Management
Time Management 00:41:00
Module 06: Quality Management
Quality Management 00:22:00
Module 07: Effective Planning and Scheduling
Effective Planning and Scheduling 00:47:00
Module 08: Introduction to Human Resources
Introduction to Human Resources 00:18:00
Module 09: Performance Management
Performance Management 00:19:00
Module 10: Talent Management
Talent Management 00:19:00
Module 11: Organising Meeting and Conferences
Organising Meeting and Conferences 00:29:00
Module 12: Managing Resources
Managing Resources 00:19:00
Module 13: Change Management
Change Management 00:24:00
Module 14: Business Resilience and Crisis Management
Business Resilience and Crisis Management 00:18:00
Module 15: Conflict Management
Conflict Management 00:15:00
Module 16: Stress Management
Stress Management 00:17:00
Module 17: Communication Skills
Communication Skills 00:26:00
Module 18: Procurement & Purchasing Management
Procurement & Purchasing Management 00:22:00
Module 19: Risk Management
Risk Management 00:25:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Project Management Complete Training 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Project Management Complete Training 00:20:00

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