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Course Description​

Are you curious about the psychological aspects of ageing? Do you want to learn more about how people think, feel, and behave as they get older? If so, then the Psychological Aspects of Aging: Gerontology course is for you! In this course, you will explore the biological, psychological, and social changes that occur in later life. You will also learn about the different theories of ageing and how they can be applied in practice.

Psychological Aspects of Ageing: Gerontology” offers a lens into this natural progression, inviting learners to appreciate and understand its myriad nuances. The course’s initial segment will lay down the landscape of gerontology, inviting you into the fascinating world of ageing, where both mind and body evolve in harmony.

As the course unfolds, learners will traverse the cognitive and psychological terrains that shape our older selves. With sections delving deep into cognitive alterations, end-of-life complexities, and the relationship between mental health and advancing years, you’re in for a comprehensive understanding of the ageing psyche. Your knowledge journey will be further enriched as you grasp the essence of effective communication during the later stages of life, emphasising empathy and clarity.

Closing the course are pivotal sections addressing the spiritual and psychosocial dimensions of care and the ever-important legal aspects governing ageing. Here, you will learn the delicate balance of mental well-being, spiritual contentment, and the necessary legalities to ensure that the journey of ageing, like that golden sunset, is both serene and illuminating.

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Learning outcome

  • Understand the basic concepts of gerontology.
  • Identify the psychological changes that occur during ageing.
  • Assess the impact of ageing on cognitive function.
  • Evaluate the risk factors for mental health problems in older adults.
  • Develop strategies for promoting health and well-being in later life.
  • Apply ethical principles to the care of older adults.
  • Navigate the legal system as it relates to ageing.


  • A genuine interest in understanding ageing and gerontology.
  • Basic understanding of psychological principles.
  • Ability to critically analyse and reflect on content.

Why should I take this course?

  • Gain comprehensive insights into the ageing process and its psychological aspects.
  • Enhance your ability to communicate with and care for the elderly.
  • Understand the intricate balance between ageing, mental health, and well-being.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to cater to spiritual and psychosocial needs.
  • Become informed about the legalities surrounding ageing and gerontology.

Career Path

  • Gerontological Psychologist
  • Ageing Counsellor
  • Palliative Care Communicator
  • Elderly Mental Health Specialist
  • Geriatric Health Consultant
  • End-of-Life Care Facilitator

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Introduction to Gerontology
Module 1: Introduction to Gerontology 00:15:00
Section 02: Cognitive and Psychological Development in Older Age
Module 2: Cognitive and Psychological Development in Older Age 00:11:00
Section 03: End-Of-Life Issues
Module 3: End-Of-Life Issues 00:16:00
Section 04: Communication During the End of Life
Module 4: Communication During the End of Life 00:10:00
Section 05: Mental Health and Old Age
Module 5: Mental Health and Old Age 00:13:00
Section 06: Health and Wellbeing in Later Life
Module 6: Health and Wellbeing in Later Life 00:13:00
Section 07: Spiritual and Psychosocial Care
Module 7: Spiritual and Psychosocial Care 00:16:00
Section 08: Legal Aspects
Module 8: Legal Aspects 00:15:00

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