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15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

Are you ready to illuminate your path towards a future powered by knowledge? Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of electricity and smart meter installation with our captivating “Smart Meter Installation Course.” As the world embraces innovative energy solutions, this course stands as your gateway to understanding and mastering the intricacies of modern energy measurement.

In this course, you won’t merely scratch the surface; you’ll delve into the very heart of electricity, unlocking its secrets and potential. Guided by seasoned experts, you’ll trace the fascinating evolution of energy measurement from traditional methods to cutting-edge smart meters. Each module will unravel the core principles, ensuring you easily grasp the foundational concepts.

But learning here isn’t just theoretical; it’s hands-on, immersive, and practical. You’ll wield tools, manipulate components, and install smart meters in simulated environments that mimic real-world scenarios. As you fine-tune your skills, you’ll also decode the data these smart meters generate, enabling you to optimise energy usage and troubleshoot effectively.

Safety will be your guiding light throughout this course. You’ll learn to adhere to rigorous safety protocols and industry regulations, ensuring that your journey into the world of smart meter installation is secure and impactful. Whether you’re an electrician seeking to diversify your expertise or an aspiring energy professional passionate about sustainability, this course will illuminate your way forward.

Upon completing this course, you won’t merely possess a certificate; you’ll hold a key that unlocks doors to diverse career paths. From becoming a sought-after Smart Meter Technician to shaping energy efficiency strategies as an Energy Efficiency Analyst, the possibilities are as vibrant as the energy you’ll harness. So, join us, and let’s charge ahead into a future empowered by knowledge and lit by innovation. Your journey starts now.

  • Learning outcome
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of electricity and energy measurement.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in installing and configuring smart meters.
  • Analyse smart meter data to optimise energy usage and troubleshoot issues.
  • Implement safety protocols and regulations in smart meter installation.
  • Communicate effectively within the context of smart energy systems.
  • Evaluate the environmental impact of smart meters and sustainable energy solutions.
  • Requirements
  • Basic understanding of electrical concepts.
  • Proficiency in using common hand tools.
  • Access to a computer for online learning components.
  • Who Is This Course For?
  • Electricians are looking to expand their expertise.
  • Individuals are interested in energy management and conservation.
  • Students pursuing a career in the electrical or energy sector.
  • Professionals aiming to switch careers to the dynamic field of smart technology.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking insights into sustainable energy solutions.
  • Career Path
  • Smart Meter Technician
  • Energy Efficiency Analyst
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Sustainable Energy Consultant
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Renewable Energy Project Manager

Course Curriculum

Module 01: Introduction to Smart Meter
Introduction to Smart Meter 00:34:00
Module 02: Designing of Smart Metering System
Designing of Smart Metering System 00:34:00
Module 03: Install a Smart Meter
Install a Smart Meter 01:13:00
Module 04: Meter Installation Guidelines
Meter Installation Guidelines 00:32:00
Module 05: Smart Meter Cost and Benefit Analysis
Smart Meter Cost and Benefit Analysis 00:46:00
Module 06: Smart Metering Policy Guidelines
Smart Metering Policy Guidelines 00:38:00
Module 07: Smart Meters Act in the UK
Smart Meters Act in the UK 00:25:00

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