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Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Section 01: Welcome & Getting Started
Introduction to Time Management: Step-by-Step 00:01:00
Getting Help 00:01:00
Section 02: Choosing Your Time Tools
What Tools Will I Need? 00:01:00
Should I Use Print of Software Time Tools? 00:03:00
General Factors When Choosing Software 00:03:00
Choosing a Time Management System 00:03:00
Choosing a Contact Management System 00:02:00
Choosing a Calendar 00:02:00
Choosing a Notes System 00:02:00
Choosing a Time Tracker 00:01:00
Make Your Choices 00:02:00
Section 03: Planning Your Work
Time for Planning 00:01:00
What is Your REAL Job? 00:02:00
Identifying Your Work Categories 00:03:00
Setting Blocks of Time for Each Category 00:03:00
The Carousel Method for Projects 00:11:00
Goals and Outcome Setting 00:02:00
The Power of Outlining 00:06:00
Mind Mapping for Planning and Brainstorming 00:07:00
Section 04: Reducing Distractions
How Distractions Cripple Productivity 00:02:00
Why Time Tracking is Critical to Success 00:03:00
Reducing Email Distractions 00:02:00
Social Media & App Distractions 00:03:00
People Interruptions 00:05:00
Telephone Distractions 00:03:00
Section 05: Creating Focus
Taming Your Monkey Mind 00:02:00
Getting It All Out of Your Head 00:04:00
How Batching Gets More Done 00:03:00
Using a Countdown Timer to Achieve Focus 00:02:00
Discipline and Will Power 00:03:00
Create an Office Power Hour 00:04:00
Section 06: Handling Tasks Effectively
Analyzing Tasks 00:05:00
How to Prioritize Tasks 00:04:00
Visualizing and Organizing Your Tasks 00:11:00
The Power of Checklists 00:04:00
The Two Minute Rule 00:03:00
Should I Go Paperless? 00:05:00
Telephone Time Tips 00:07:00
Section 07: Delegating Effectively
Introduction to Delegating Effectively 00:04:00
Delegating Tasks – Analyze First 00:01:00
Delegating – Best Practices 00:07:00
Why Delegating Fails 00:02:00
Hiring vs. Outsourcing 00:04:00
Fast Lazy Way to Create PowerPoints 00:11:00
Section 08: Inbox Zero Email Mastery
Welcome to Inbox Zero Email Mastery 00:01:00
Stopping Email Interruptions 00:03:00
Sorting Your Inbox Daily 00:02:00
Stop Working in Your Inbox 00:02:00
Email Analysis 00:01:00
Dumping Unneeded Emails 00:01:00
Delegating Emails 00:01:00
Scheduling Emails 00:01:00
Finish the Most Important Emails First 00:01:00
Email Handling & Reply Tips 00:02:00
Email Replies in Seconds Using Text Expanders 00:03:00
Second Priority Level Emails 00:01:00
Stop Digital Filing & Embrace Search 00:02:00
Handling Reading/Resource Emails 00:03:00
Reduce Internal Emails with Task Management Systems 00:03:00
Reducing Customer Emails with Support Ticket Systems 00:01:00
How to Use Email Filters to Save Time 00:01:00
Best Practices for Internal Email 00:02:00
Outsource Your Email with Personal/Virtual Assistants 00:01:00
Section 09: Effective Meetings
Introduction to Effective Meetings 00:02:00
The Importance of an Agenda 00:03:00
Having the Right People at the Meeting 00:01:00
Setting Ground Rules for the Meeting 00:05:00
Preparing Reports before Meeting 00:01:00
Capturing Meeting Notes 00:01:00
Starting on Time 00:01:00
Getting Attendees Involved 00:02:00
Keeping the Meeting on Track 00:02:00
Creating an Action Plan 00:01:00
No “Anything Else?” Questions 00:01:00
End Meetings on Time 00:01:00
After Meeting Follow Up 00:01:00
Online Meeting Tips 00:01:00
Dealing with Controversial Topics 00:02:00
Section 10: Automating Your Work
The Importance of Automation 00:03:00
Getting Started with Automation 00:02:00
Automating with Text Expanders 00:05:00
Section 11: Work/Life Balance
Introduction to Work/Life Balance 00:02:00
Work Life Balance Steps 1-5 00:03:00
Work Life Balance Steps 6-8 00:05:00
Step 9: Learn to Play Again 00:03:00
Work Life Balance Steps 10-14 00:04:00
Work Life Balance Steps 15-17 00:04:00
Section 12: Student Time Tips
Student Time Planning 00:03:00
Creating Focus for Students 00:04:00
Learning Tips for Students 00:09:00

Time Management : Step By Step Training

4.9 ( 7 REVIEWS )
Time Management : Step By Step Training
  • Course Highlights

Manage time and tasks more effectively and immediately apply several easy time management techniques with the Time Management : Step By Step Training course. 

With this course, learn to choose your time tools, planning your work, reducing distractions, creating cocus, handling tasks effectively, delegating effectively, inbox zero email mastery, effective meetings, automating your work, work/life balance.

If you have more things to do than you have time and frequently get overwhelmed with all your priorities and tasks, you are in the right place! 

So let’s not waste any more time. Enrol in Time Management : Step By Step Training course today, jump right in and get started! 

  • Learning outcome
  • Get started to learn this chosen field as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • Take control of their mindset and energy levels to increase your productivity.
  • Discover why you are not as productive as you could be and develop a plan to improve.
  • Increase your productivity by implementing new strategies throughout your day.
  • Create a personal plan that fits your personality and style.
  • Requirements
  • No formal qualifications required, anyone from any academic background can take this course.
  • Access to any internet-enabled smart device.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • 4+ hours of on-demand video lectures and downloadable resources.
  • Affordable premium-quality E-learning content, you can learn at your own pace.
  • You will receive a completion certificate upon completing the course.
  • Internationally recognized Accredited Qualification will boost up your resume.
  • You will learn the researched and proven approach adopted by successful salespeople to transform their careers.
  • You will be able to incorporate various practical sales techniques successfully and understand your customers better.
  • Who Is This Course For

This course is intended for students that are unsure of how they can be more productive or wonder what other strategies might be out there, students who are overwhelmed and don’t feel like they have enough time in the day.

This course is designed for those that know they are capable of getting better results with their productivity but don’t know where to start.


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