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Level 2 - Certificate

15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Over the years, the significance of the Therapist Course has been increasingly recognized, making a profound mark in the wellness industry. Notably, the rise of the Massage Therapist profession stands as a testament to the relevance and demand for specialized training in this field. Those who have pursued a Therapist Course can vouch for its transformative nature, changing not just their professional trajectory but also empowering them with the skill set to bring about physical and mental well-being in their clients.

The Therapist Course has been instrumental in churning out experts who command respect and credibility in the wellness sector. As the popularity of holistic healing and wellness surges, the role of a trained Massage Therapist becomes pivotal. By undergoing rigorous training and theoretical knowledge imparted in the Therapist Course, these professionals learn to discern the unique needs of their clients, tailoring their techniques to offer bespoke therapeutic sessions. The result? A clientele that swears by the magic touch of their preferred Massage Therapist, often attributing their rejuvenated state to the prowess of these trained experts.

Furthermore, the booming spa and wellness industry continually seeks professionals with credentials from an accredited Therapist Course. As the demand for therapeutic sessions rises, so does the need for a skilled Massage Therapist. This correlation has led to lucrative career opportunities, with establishments willing to pay a premium for a certified Massage Therapist. This is a testament to the fact that investing time and effort into a therapy course not only equips one with unparalleled skills but also opens doors to a promising and rewarding career as a Massage Therapist.

Learning outcome

  • Understand the foundational techniques of massage therapy.
  • Grasp the benefits and methods of aromatherapy massage.
  • Learn the key acupressure points and their effects.
  • Develop skills to combine traditional massage with acupressure.
  • Recognize the therapeutic benefits of each massage type.
  • Gain insights into client consultation and safety.
  • Receive a certificate upon completing the course.


  • Passion for holistic wellness and therapy.
  • Basic knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Comfortable space to practice massage techniques.

Why should I take this course?

  • Master a range of massage therapy techniques.
  • Enhance well-being and reduce stress for clients.
  • Diversify your therapeutic skills with aromatherapy and acupressure.
  • Improve career opportunities in the wellness industry.
  • Gain a competitive edge in the massage therapy field.
  • Learn from a well-structured curriculum with ample examples.
  • Secure a certificate to boost your professional credibility.

Career Path

  • Certified Massage Therapist
  • Aromatherapy Specialist
  • Acupressure Practitioner
  • Spa Manager
  • Wellness Consultant
  • Holistic Therapist

Course Curriculum

Massage Therapy
Introduction to Massage Therapy 00:15:00
Massage History 00:15:00
The Role of A Massage Therapist 00:30:00
Tissues, Organs, & Neuromuscular systems 01:00:00
General Benefits of Massage 00:15:00
Indian Head Massage 00:15:00
Facial Massage 00:30:00
Neck Massage 00:30:00
Back Massage 00:30:00
Full Body Massage 00:15:00
Swedish Massage 00:15:00
Sports Massage 00:30:00
LomiLomi Massage 00:15:00
Anti-Cellulite Massage 00:15:00
Hot Stone Massage 00:30:00
Thai Foot Massage 00:15:00
Prenatal Massage 00:15:00
Medical Massage 01:00:00
Baby Massage 01:00:00
Trigger Point Therapy 01:00:00
Thai Massage 01:00:00
Reflexology 01:00:00
How A Massage Therapist Can Start A Business 01:00:00
Marketing Your Business 01:00:00
Complimentary Massages 00:15:00
Building Your Clientele 00:30:00
Other Ways To Market Your Business 01:00:00
Conclusion to Massage 00:15:00
Massage Therapy with Aroma
What is Aromatherapy? 00:15:00
History of Aromatherapy 00:15:00
The Definition of Aromatherapy 00:15:00
What are Essential Oils? 00:15:00
Essential Oil Safety Information 00:15:00
Administration of Essential Oils 00:30:00
The Art of Blending 00:15:00
Blending Basics 00:15:00
Harmonizing Your Blend 00:30:00
Aromatherapy Baths 00:15:00
Aromatherapy for Stress 00:15:00
Aromatherapy for Children 00:14:00
Application of Essential Oils 00:15:00
Table of the Basic Methods of Use of Essential Oils 00:15:00
The Holistic Approach 00:30:00
Understanding Disease / Pathology 00:30:00
The Benefits of a Holistic Aromatherapy Treatment 00:15:00
Acupressure & Massage
Acupressure 00:30:00
How Acupressure Works 00:30:00
Locating A Pressure Point 01:00:00
Acupressure Techniques 00:30:00
How To Apply Pressure 00:30:00
Breathing 00:30:00
Things To Be Careful Of 00:30:00
Acupressure For Specific Problems 00:30:00
If You Feel It’s Not Working 00:15:00
Practical Self Massage 01:00:00
Handheld Massagers 00:30:00
Reference Books
Massage For Dummies 00:00:00
The Massage Connection – ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY 00:00:00
Refer A Friend
Mock Exam
Mock Exam – Ultimate Massage Therapist Course 00:30:00
Final Exam
Final Exam – Ultimate Massage Therapist Course 00:30:00

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