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Why You Should Learn Italian Courses Online: Way to Learn the Italian Language

Buongiorno! Come sta? If Godfather is not your favorite movie then you must have a serious reason to learn Italian. Huh! Jokes apart, Italian is a language of taste. The Best online Italian courses are mainly from Italian sites or origins. In 2018, the US alone had the university grads studying Iranian a number of 73,479 compared to 64,449 students in 2016. So why are you here to learn or know about language? Or why should you learn Italian? Or better ask why online Italian classes are necessary? Here are some tips you might be looking for.

Why Should You Learn Italian Language?

You will find hundreds of blogs telling you various reasons to do a diploma in Italian. I am here to explain some gist reasons for learning Italian

Political, Geographical and Economical Relevance

Italy is a politically, economically, culturally and geographically important country. Italy has international relations with all the superpowers of the world both in diplomatic and economic ways. You will find Italy as the eighth-largest economy in the world, the ninth-largest exporter, the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, the sixth-largest producer of industrial groups and the fifth most visited country by tourists. Italy is the founding member of the EU and key member of the Eurozone, the OECD, and the G7. So Italian language will help you in terms of diplomacy, industrial connection and travel destination.  

Career Benefit and Growth

If you think Italian language is all about mafias and godfathers, that is only movies. Italy is a leading figure of culinary arts, interior design, fashion, graphic design, furniture design, auto manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing, robotics, shipbuilding, space engineering, construction machinery, electromechanical machinery and transportation equipment in the world. Moreover, learning Italian will pave a way for you in advancing your career in the teaching profession. Plenty of Italian teacher job opportunities are available on job sites like Jooble, Reed, Indeed, etc.

Italian in the US soil

  • In 2018 alone the United States was Italy’s third largest destination for exports, with U.S. imports from Italy totalling $50.1 billion.
  • In 2018 alone Italian foreign direct investment in the U.S. totaled $35.67 billion, creating and supporting 78,200 American jobs.
  • An estimated 7,500 American companies do business with Italy
  • More than thousand U.S. firms have offices in the country including IBM, General Electric, Motorola, Citibank, and Pricewaterhouse Coopers.
  • Don’t just see U.S. parts, many Italian companies have offices in the United States, including famous brands like Barilla, Bulgari, Campari, Jacuzzi, Ferrero Nutella, Pirelli, Olivetti, Lavazza, and Prada etc.

This list will take a few lines if you want me to continue.

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture- piazza pisa

Italy is the gateway to the world’s 60% art treasure. You will find ancient roman literature and culture in different parts of Europe and beyond, in the areas of Latin literature, Romanitas, humanism, opera, film, science, political thought, fashion, design, and cuisine. 

There is a reason for the Italic font, right? 


Traveling in italy

Italy is a priority if you want to travel. It ranked as the world’s fifth most popular destination, and around 62 million visitors came for its art, cuisine, history, fashion, and culture. You can enjoy Italy without knowing the language, speaking Italian allows you to truly experience the essence of Italian locales. There were around 5.6 million American tourists who traveled to Italy as their summer vacation. Who knows! You could be one of the tourists next year. 

Ease to Access

The Foreign Service Institute ranked Italian as their category one language for a native English speaker to learn. The reason is simple. You will find more Latin connections in Italian than in English, e.g. antiqua>antico>antics came to English through Italian root via Latin.   

Delicious Famous Dishes

Delicious Famous Dishes

Suppose you are a cook or planning to be one. Do not think twice about Italy. You will find these delicious iconic foods

  • Pizza
  • Bottarga
  • Lasagna
  • Florentine T-bone steak
  • Polenta
  • Risotto
  • Truffles
  • Focaccia
  • Coffee
  • Gelato

Some people even learn Italian to know more about the food. How about that?

Why Learn Italian Courses Online?

You learned your mother tongue so easily. Do you know why? It was interactive and subconscious. We said many unknown words in childhood, but listening made us say words that many foreigners find difficult. Online courses have a plus point when it comes to listening. Let me tell you some of it-

1. Listening Adjustment

I totally agree with you that an online learning environment is not as classic as in a room with a teacher and a couple of friends. But if you do not understand a phrase or a lecture, your teacher will not repeat it 5 times. There you go the advantage of an online Italian course.

2. Sound Adjustment

It may sound! Weird, but it is true. If you can not listen to punctuation properly or the teacher speaks in a low pitch, just adjust your device volume. That’s it. 

3. Introvert Friendly

Introverts do not enjoy crowds but are eager to learn. Classes don’t always suit them. They prefer to learn alone in their comfort zone. Are you an Introvert High IQ genius looking for Italian lessons? Go online.

4. Time-Saving

Going to a class might cost you travel money and time. Learning Italian language course online can save money for you in both ways. Plus, e-certificates are handier than regular hard copies now. It is also the best option if you are a daily employee or pregnant or a very busy student.

5. Interactive

You will find many interactive Italian courses online where marks are given upon your pronunciation, spelling, writing, etc. You can even look for Italian language partners to practice what you’ve just learned.

Top Online Italian Language Courses

There are numerous Italian courses online due to its popularity in the U.S. You will get confused while browsing for the best use of your time and money. Here are some best online Italian language course for you-

If you are looking for a free online Italian course for beginners, then go for iLUSS, Duolingo or the Italian Experiment. But for a professional course, or resume attachment, check out the Skill-up Online Italian Course for beginners.  

What contains in a standard online Italian Language Course

Italian needs special care in pronunciation and grammar. You would become close to the native speaker if the course trained you well. Always check these criteria before enrolling-

  • Alphabet, Articles Modules
  • Grammar Modules, e.g. Verbs, Prepositions, Adjectives
  • Daily Life Practice, e.g. clothes, genders, Numbers, body parts, place adverbs
  • Training through Dialogues Modules in Situations over the phone, shopping, pharmacy etc.
  • Weather Modules
  • Practice Videos and Softcopy for Study Offline
  • Vocabulary Training

If you find the mentioned modules in any online training course whether free or paid, iscriviti!

The Best Way to Learn Italian Language

Every person has a different approach to learn new things. Even you have a unique way or technique to learn something new. But all of us learned our native language in a very subconscious mind and that is the best way to master a language. Do not jump on grammar to learn a language if you have the opportunity to learn it subconsciously. This opportunity requires native speakers around you. So you have to look for other options. 

1. Online Course

The first question in mind comes from you, why online? Well, if you are a county kid, you may not find any institutes nearby for language classes. Also, many Asian countries do not have Italian language training institutes like European or western countries. So for the urge of the global market, online Italian language courses have qualified itself to claim the top. There are several sites that offer Italian language courses like Skill-up, Udemy, Fluentu etc. 

2. Mobile Apps

The first name to cross your mind is Duolingo. You will find this app very effective for beginners as well as advanced language learners. There are other high rated apps that can help you teach Italian, e.g. Mondly, Busuu, Learn Italian Speak Italian, Italian by Nemo etc. 

3. Language Institutes

Admit yourself into an Italian language institute for a diploma. If you want live classic classes then you should look for a language institute.

4. Self Learning

If you don’t want a certificate or recognition for a language learning then check out free Italian audio lessons for total beginners and these Italian lessons on Youtube. There are some paid audio courses also if you want to enhance your listening skills, e.g. Ripeti con me!

Tips to Speak Fluent Italian or Any Foreign Language

There are some common ways you can be fluent in Italian. These techniques may apply to many homogenous languages other than Italian.

  • Learn Actively

If you think, listening to native speakers will teach you a new language then you are having a dream. You have to try by yourself actively and look for their style of pronunciation. Then look for their sentence making. At last try to copy their dialogue to become natural. 

  • Don’t Hasten in Pronunciation

You don’t want this mistake to happen. Because once you go to sentence making, words should come naturally. So if you rush to make sentences or dialogues without proper pronunciation, you will only impair yourself. Nothing will come out good if the pronunciation is bad.   

  • Go to a Native Country when Advanced

Don’t let the idea bring you to Italy to learn Italian language when you know nothing about the language. Rather learn the basic communication dialogues and then immerse into Italian. Don’t skip a tour for this tip

  • Dig into a Dictionary

When you are unable to find appropriate words for a feeling or sentence, look into a dictionary. This habit creates a huge vocabulary for your new language and eventually you become a fluent speaker without pausing for appropriate words. 

Closing Note

Italian is a language of love and taste. A lot of famous writers, philosophers, scientists, chefs and historical figures are from Italy. The history of Italy will never make you bored. The career opportunity doubles for you in Italy when you know Italian. It requires a small piece of time every day and daily practice. A diploma certificate can  get you jobs that you can not even think of. 

August 9, 2023

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