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CBT and Stress Management Course Bundle

Learn the Foundations of Cognitive Therapy, Depression Counselling, Stress Management, and Develop Treatment Plans.


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This CBT and Stress Management Course Bundle is designed to teach you the main foundations of Cognitive therapy, Depression Counselling, Stress Management, and to develop treatment plans for the most prevalent disorders.

These courses will provide you with a better understanding of the basic principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management techniques, signs of aggression along with the main characteristics that make it up in the field of Clinical Psychology. You will be able to differentiate the psychotherapeutic approaches of CBT, apply them in the clinical setting and understand the scope of this branch of applied psychotherapy. By completing the courses, you will be able to utilize the interaction between people’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and to develop strategies to change useless thoughts and behaviours to improve mood and functioning. You will also be able to communicate with the thoughts and feelings about stress, aggression and help correct poor eating in mindfulness generating habits and prevent relapse.

By completing this CBT and Stress management bundle course you will get in-depth knowledge about cognitive behavioral therapy online, how to manage aggression and a complete idea of mindfulness.

Learners will get a “Microsoft Excel Basics” course for free upon purchasing this course.


After the completion of each course, you will be eligible to receive a certificate per course. You can order a certificate (soft copy for £9 and hard copy for £15) relating to your course.

Who is this course for?

  • This bundle is for those who are considering a career in the psychotherapy field of personal development.
  • Professionals, parents or any individuals who want to fortify their knowledge or develop their understanding of stress management, depression counselling, aggression handling.
  • People in the health field who wish to improve their connection with others and make use of new strategies to generate mindfulness in them.
  • Anyone interested in improving their mind and also wants to help other people in this process.


All the learners who are willing to boost their knowledge in this respective field can take this course. This course does not require any formal academic qualification.

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