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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

The world of Animal Psychology is vast and ever-evolving, filled with insights that challenge our perceptions of our beloved pets. For those eager to dive into this domain, our Diploma in Animal Psychology serves as a gateway to a profound understanding of the animal mind.

At its core, Animal Psychology helps in discerning the motivations and behaviors of different animals. Our course emphasizes this by initiating learners into the intricate psychology of dog behaviour. Dogs have been human companions for millennia, and yet, there is so much more to discover. By tapping into principles, participants will get a clearer picture of why dogs behave the way they do, from their playful antics to their occasional bouts of anxiety.

Moving on, the course shifts its focus to the enigmatic world of cats. Despite their domestication, cats often exhibit behaviors that baffle even seasoned pet owners. However, through the lens of Animal Psychology, these behaviors start to make more sense, offering clarity on feline instincts and reactions. Lastly, the course delves into rabbit behavior. Often underestimated in their emotional depth, rabbits have a rich behavioral profile. Animal Psychology provides the tools to understand the unique ways in which these gentle creatures interact with their environment. By the end of this journey, participants will have a holistic understanding and be equipped to interpret and predict the actions of various pets.

Learning outcome

  • Grasp the fundamentals of animal psychology.
  • Understand dog, cat, and rabbit behavior intricacies.
  • Apply Behaviour Therapy principles.
  • Decode the underlying factors influencing pet actions.
  • Predict and modify pet behaviors using learned techniques.
  • Evaluate different animal behaviors in various contexts.
  • Earn a certificate showcasing your expertise.


  • Passion for understanding animal behaviors.
  • Willingness to apply Behaviour Therapy concepts.
  • Internet connection to access course materials.

Why should I take this course?

  • Deepen your knowledge of animal psychology.
  • Incorporate Behaviour Therapy in understanding pets.
  • Differentiate yourself in the pet care industry.
  • Earn a certificate to boost your professional profile.
  • Learn techniques to better connect with pets.
  • Stay ahead in the evolving world of animal care.
  • Grasp insights that are beneficial for pet owners and trainers alike.

Career Path

  • Animal Behaviorist
  • Pet Trainer using Behaviour Therapy
  • Animal Shelter Manager
  • Pet Care Specialist
  • Veterinary Behavior Consultant
  • Animal Rehabilitation Specialist

Course Curriculum

AP Promo Video FREE 00:01:00
About the Course 00:03:00
Introduction to Animal Psychology 00:05:00
The Evolution of Pets 00:07:00
Exercise Lesson 1 00:03:00
Psychology of Dog Behaviour
Dealing with Dogs 00:07:00
Behaviour in Dogs 00:08:00
Psychology of Dogs 00:07:00
Aggression in Dogs 00:10:00
Exercise Lesson 2 00:03:00
Psychology of Cat Behaviour
Dealing with Cats 00:06:00
Behaviour in Cats 00:07:00
Aggression and Cats 00:07:00
Psychology of Cats 00:06:00
Exercise Lesson 3 00:03:00
Psychology of Rabbit Behaviour
About Rabbits 00:06:00
Behaviour of Rabbits 00:06:00
Exercise Lesson 4 00:02:00
Final Test Preparation 00:02:00
Thank you and Good bye 00:04:00
Order Your Certificate
Order Your Certificate 00:00:00

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