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15.21 Hours


Course Description​

Do you like to understand a dog’s mind like a professional trainer? Have you ever wanted to read your dog’s emotions to ensure the best care? Well, the Dog Psychology and Communication course can help you reach the expert level of communicating with your dog adequately to address their problems. This course will also enable you to enter a job market with an average salary of over £25,000 in the UK.

This 10-module Dog Psychology course contains beneficial information to increase your expertise in decoding a dog’s mind. At first, you will learn the history of canines and how they became pets slowly over time. The second module will teach you about dog’s memories and emotional intelligence. The following module will explain that a social dog is a happy dog. This module will provide you with the methods you can use to ensure your dog has a positive social experience. Module five of the Dog Psychology course will help you explore different aspects of canine psychology, like motivation, desires, and fears. It will grow your ability to create a stronger bond with your dog. Module six will enhance your idea of reading the dog’s body language signals.

Module seven will enhance your ability to communicate with the dog like a canine expert. As a dog carer or dog owner, you can provide top-notch care when you understand the dog’s emotions and suffering. Module eight will teach you the details needed to identify the signs of dog suffering. The last part of the course talks about the role of a dog owner, like ensuring proper care, proper nutrition, and a healthy environment.

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Learning outcome

  • Discover the inner mind of your dog to build a harmonious relationship
  • Gain expertise in reading body language & vocalisation for better understanding
  • Acquire the skill set to identify behaviour problems and implement effective training
  • Learn about the cognitive skills of the dog
  • Get to know the importance of socialisation with your dog
  • Ability to understand the signs and suffering of your canine pet
  • Know the role of dog owner


  • Extremely passionate about dogs
  • Smartphone/PC/Laptop
  • Smooth internet connection

Why should I take this course?

  • Open career opportunities for yourself in the dog training industry
  • Gain expertise in dog training
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Well-organised course structure
  • High-value course at a cheap price
  • Become a certified trainer

Career Path

  • Dog Rescue Coordinator
  • Dog Daycare Manager
  • Animal Shelter Worker
  • Canine Behavior Consultant
  • Dog Trainer
  • Pet Groomer

Course Curriculum

Module 1. Introduction to Canine Evolution
Introduction to Canine Evolution 00:28:00
Module 2. Introduction to Canine Intelligence
Introduction to Canine Intelligence 00:12:00
Module 3. The Importance of Socialisation
The Importance of Socialisation 00:40:00
Module 4. Canine Communication
Canine Communication 00:41:00
Module 5. Canine Psychology
Canine Psychology 00:17:00
Module 6. Dog Communication and Body Language
Dog Communication and Body Language 00:16:00
Module 7. Communication Between Dogs and Human
Communication Between Dogs and Human 00:16:00
Module 8. Canine Emotions and Signs of Suffering
Canine Emotions and Signs of Suffering 00:27:00
Module 9. The Role of a Dog Owner
The Role of a Dog Owner 00:23:00
Module 10. Essential Skills for Working With Dogs
Essential Skills for Working with Dogs 00:20:00
Mock Exam
Mock Exam- Dog Psychology and Communication 00:20:00
Final Exam
Final Exam- Dog Psychology and Communication 00:20:00

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