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15.21 Hours


  • Course Highlights

Are you ready to seize the reins of online advertising and steer your brand towards unprecedented success? Learn Google AdWords from the basics to advanced campaign tactics in an exciting educational adventure.

Craft compelling ads, boost ROI with bid optimisation, and rank higher on search engines. This isn’t simply a course; it’s your pass to becoming a digital marketing expert.

In this course, we’ll begin by demystifying the world of Google AdWords for beginners. No prior knowledge? No problem. Let’s team up to dominate pay-per-click ads with keyword research and captivating content for your audience. But we won’t stop there; that’s just the tip of the digital iceberg.

As your journey progresses, you’ll ascend to advanced levels of Google AdWords expertise. Brace yourself for a deep dive into advanced bidding strategies that stretch your budget while maximising your reach. To become a digital marketing expert, master ad extensions, retargeting, and campaign analysis.

Learning isn’t limited to lectures; it’s an immersive experience. That’s why this course is laced with hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios. Become a certified Google AdWords expert and lead brands to digital success.

Join us on this odyssey of knowledge, innovation, and growth. Explore the world of Google AdWords to boost your online presence, marketing skills, and digital career. Start now for new advertising opportunities. Your journey awaits.

  • Learning outcome
  • Build and structure compelling Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Create targeted ads for maximum audience engagement.
  • Utilise keyword strategies to enhance campaign visibility.
  • Implement bidding techniques to optimise budget allocation.
  • Analyse campaign performance and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Master advanced features such as remarketing and ad extensions.
  • Develop a strategic approach to adapt to evolving PPC trends.
  • Requirements
  • Basic familiarity with online advertising concepts.
  • Access to a computer with an internet connection.
  • Willingness to explore and learn about digital marketing.
  • Why should I take this course?
  • Acquire valuable skills for effective Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Unlock the potential to reach your target audience with precision.
  • Stay ahead with insights into the dynamic landscape of Google PPC.
  • Gain proficiency in both fundamental and advanced AdWords features.
  • Elevate your digital marketing prowess through hands-on learning.
  • Career Path
  • PPC Campaign Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Online Advertising Strategist
  • E-commerce Marketing Analyst
  • Search Engine Marketing Executive
  • Marketing Analytics Consultant

Course Curriculum

1. Introduction 00:02:00
Testing to Ad Concepts
2. Introduction to Ad Concepts 00:02:00
3.Example Ad Concepts 00:04:00
4. Label Setup9 00:04:00
5. Reporting on Ad Concepts9 00:08:00
Google Ads Paid % Organic Interaction Report
6. Understanding the usefulness of this report9 00:03:00
7.Linking Google Ads with Search Console9 00:04:00
8.Excel Report Setup & Pivot9 00:04:00
9.Identifying Google Ads & SEO Search Term Opportunities9 00:02:00
10.CTR Interaction between SEO & SEM9 00:06:00
Geolocal Campaigns - Double Campaign Structure
11.The theory behind the double campaign9 00:04:00
12.A practical example inside Google Ads9 00:03:00
Google Ads Campaign - Experiments (Drafts & Experiments)
13.Introduction to Drafts & Experiments9 00:05:00
14.Example experiment Ideas for use9 00:06:00
15.Draft & Experiment Setup9 00:10:00
16.Report Analysis & explanation of symbols9 00:05:00
Automate Budgeting for Multiple Ad Accounts
17. Introduction to the Google Spreedsheet template9 00:02:00
18. Data Inputs9 00:04:00
19. Reading the sheet output9 00:06:00
AdWords Audit
20. Audit Overview9 00:00:00
21. Auditing the Account Structure9 00:08:00
22. Campaign Settings9 00:04:00
23. Auditing on the AdGroup Level9 00:10:00
24. Other Things to look for in an Audit9 00:08:00
Remarketing Strategy & Implementation
25. Why Remarketing Works9 00:03:00
26.GDN Remarketing9 00:06:00
27.Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) & IF Statements9 00:04:00
28. Customer Match (Email Retargeting)9 00:01:00
29. Dynamic Remarketing9 00:04:00
30. Lookalike Audiences9 00:02:00
31. GDN Banner Sizes & Other Things to Consider9 00:03:00
32. Audience List Sharing9 00:14:00
33. Remarketing with Events9 00:06:00
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
34.What is AI & ML9 00:06:00
35. Auto Rotate for Budgets & Ads9 00:03:00
36.Dynamic Search Ads9 00:03:00
37.Smart Bidding Strategies9 00:07:00
38.Lookalike Audiences9 00:02:00
39.Data Driven Attribution Models9 00:03:00
Dynamic Ad Customisers
40.Introduction to Ad Customisers9 00:04:00
41. Advantages & Example Uses9 00:05:00
42.Setting up the Business Data Feed9 00:06:00
43.Best Practice for Ads9 00:03:00
Google Analytics for Google Ads
44. The Advantages of linking AdWords with GA9 00:04:00
45. Linking GA & AdWords 00:02:00
46. AdWords Reports in GA9 00:01:00
47. GA Conversion Tracking & Goal Setup9 00:07:00
48. Remarketing Segments in GA9 00:13:00
49. Attribution Models in Google Analytics9 00:07:00
Using Scripts
50. Introduction to AdWords Scripts9 00:04:00
51. 404 Link Checker Script9 00:07:00
52. Experiment Results Script9 00:07:00
53. Google Ads Audit Script9 00:06:00
AdWords Editor
54. Introduction and advantages of AdWords Editor over the online interface9 00:04:00
55. Example Uses for AdWords Editor9 00:04:00
56.AdWords Editor – what you can’t do 00:02:00
Competitor Research Tools
57.Auction Insights displayed graphically9 00:17:00
58.3rd Party Competitor Research Tools -SEMrush 00:16:00
Landing Page Software
59.Why Use Landing Page Software9 00:06:00
60.Unbounce Walk-through9 00:08:00
61. Tracking integration for landing pages9 00:09:00
New Features
62.Ad Variations9 00:06:00
63.Search Responsive Ads9 00:05:00
64. Life Events Audiences9 00:04:00
65. Custom Intent Audiences9 00:04:00

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