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Data Science Specialization

Data Science Specialization


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Our Data Science Specialisation course can help you realise your full potential by combining R, Python, ML, and other tools to further your career.

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Data Science Specialization

Accreditation: The Mark of Excellence

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course-highlightData Science Specialization

We have taken great care in creating our Data Science Specialisation course, which uses the Python and R languages to give students a broad range of skills in data science and machine learning. The course begins with fundamental concepts like data analysis and Python programming and moves on to more complex topics like deep learning neural networks and Tableau data analytics. This mixture guarantees that the methods and instruments required for efficient data analysis are fully understood.

Learners will explore specific topics like online R programming, R machine learning, and Microsoft Excel Power Query proficiency—all essential elements of the data science toolbox. The course format has been thoughtfully designed to guarantee a methodical learning process, making it appropriate for novices while still providing a sufficient level of challenge for seasoned students. Students learn how to manipulate and analyse data by using the Python Data Science parts 1 and complete tutorial, in addition to SQL database integration.

Furthermore, the inclusion of cutting-edge subjects like data analytics and deep learning highlights the course’s dedication to offering cutting-edge instruction. Learners will apply their knowledge to solve complex problems through exercises and projects, laying the groundwork for a successful career in data science and beyond.

course-whyCareer Opportunities

  • Data Analyst: Analyzes data to help businesses make informed decisions. UK salary range: £25,000 - £40,000.
  • Machine Learning Engineer: Designs and develops machine learning models. UK salary range: £35,000 - £70,000.
  • Data Scientist: Uses statistical techniques to derive insights and build predictive models. UK salary range: £30,000 - £60,000.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Transforms data into insights that drive business value. UK salary range: £27,000 - £50,000.
  • Data Engineer: Builds and maintains the infrastructure for data generation. UK salary range: £35,000 - £70,000.
  • Deep Learning Engineer: Specializes in developing deep learning models for various applications. UK salary range: £40,000 - £80,000.
  • Data Visualization Expert: Creates graphical representations of data. UK salary range: £29,000 - £45,000.

course-benefitsWhat you'll learn From This Course?

  • Fundamentals of Python and R programming for data science.
  • Advanced machine learning techniques and their applications.
  • Integration of SQL databases with Python for enhanced data analysis.
  • Building and deploying deep learning neural networks using R.
  • Mastering data visualization tools like Tableau and Excel Power Query.
  • Data analysis and predictive modeling skills.

course-highlightData Science Specialization Package Includes

Data Science & Machine Learning with Python: Learn how to analyse data, create predictive models, and apply machine learning techniques using Python by enrolling in our Data Science & Machine Learning with Python course. ideal for those who wish to work in data.

1. Course Overview & Table of Contents
2. Introduction to Machine Learning – Part 1 – Concepts , Definitions and Types
3. Introduction to Machine Learning – Part 2 – Classifications and Applications
4. System and Environment Preparation – Part 1
5. System and Environment Preparation – Part 2
6. Learn Basics of Python – Assignment
7. Learn Basics of Python – Assignment
8. Learn Basics of Python – Functions
9. Learn Basics of Python – Data Structures
10. Learn Basics of NumPy – NumPy Array
and more…..

Data Science: R Programming Online Course: Take advantage of our online course on R programming to explore the field of data science. Gain expertise in predictive modelling, data visualisation, and statistical analysis. This course is designed for aspiring data scientists and provides experience to make you ready for the workforce. Unlock R’s potential to turn data into insights that can be put to use.

1. Unit 01: Data Science Overview
2. Unit 02: R and RStudio
3. Unit 03: Introduction to Basics
4. Unit 04: Vectors
5. Unit 05: Matrices
6. Unit 06: Factors
7. Unit 07: Data Frames
8. Unit 08: Lists
9. Unit 09: Relational Operators
10. Unit 10: Logical Operators

and more…..

Data Science & Machine Learning with R Complete Training: Use our extensive R training course to delve into the fields of data science and machine learning. Suitable for both novices and proficient students, this course encompasses fundamental methods such as statistical examination and forecasting, guaranteeing that you acquire the abilities required for today’s data-focused sectors.

1. Data Science and Machine Learning Course Intro
2. Getting Started with R
3. Data Types and Structures in R
4. Intermediate R
5. Data Manipulation in R
6. Data Visualization in R
7. Creating Reports with R Markdown
8. Building Webapps with R Shiny
9. Introduction to Machine Learning
10. Starting A Career in Data Science

Python Data Science – Part 1: Learn the basics of data science by using Python Data Science – Part 1. The basis for further study is laid in this course, which covers Python programming, data analysis methods, and fundamental statistical ideas. Ideal for novices who want to learn more about data science and improve their analytical abilities.

1. Module 01: Introduction to the Python for Beginners Course
2. Module 02: Getting Started with Python
3. Module 03: Data Types and Operators
4. Module 04: Data Structures
5. Module 05: Control Flow


Python Data Science Complete Guide: Discover everything there is to know about Python programming, data analysis, and machine learning by exploring our comprehensive guide on Python data science. You will become a skilled data scientist prepared to succeed in the cutthroat tech industry by completing this course, which will provide you with the tools to take on data difficulties.

1. Course Introduction and Table of Contents
2. Introduction to Python, Pandas and Numpy
3. System and Environment Setup
4. Python Strings
5. Python Numbers and Operators
6. Python Lists
7. Tuples in Python
8. Sets in Python
9. Python Dictionary
10. NumPy Library – Introduction

and more…..

Python Programming from Scratch with My SQL Database: Master integrating MySQL databases and dive into Python programming from scratch. In order to enable you to develop dynamic applications and improve your talents with data-driven projects, this course provides a solid basis in database administration, data manipulation, and coding essentials. Excellent for novices who are keen to acquire and utilise Python knowledge.

1. Section 01: Getting Started
2. Section 02: HTML
3. Section 03: HTML Basic
4. Section 04: HTML Intermediate
5. Section 05: HTML Advanced
6. Section 06:Python Introduction
7. Section 07: Python Basic
8. Section 08: Python Strings
9. Section 09: Python Operators
10. Section 10: Python Data Structures

and more…..

Basic Data Analysis Training: Discover your potential with Basic Data Analysis Training, a thorough course that imparts vital data analysis abilities. Acquire the essential skills and resources for proficient data analysis, enabling you to make well-informed choices and propel commercial triumph. Come begin your adventure into the realm of data analysis with us today!

1. Module 01: Introduction
2. Module 02: Agenda and Principles of Process Management
3. Module 03: The Voice of the Process
4. Module 04: Working as One Team for Improvement
5. Module 05: Exercise: The Voice of the Customer
6. Module 06: Tools for Data Analysis
7. Module 07: The Pareto Chart
8. Module 08: The Histogram
9. Module 09: The Run Chart
10. Module 10: Exercise: Presenting Performance Data

and more…..

Deep Learning Neural Network with R: Take our specialised course, Deep Learning Neural Network with R, to explore the field of deep learning. Learn how to use R programming to effectively utilise neural networks. In only a few sessions, discover sophisticated methods for picture categorization, natural language processing, and pattern identification.

1. Section 01: Single Layer Neural Networks Project – Agriculture (Part – 1)
2. Section 02: Single Layer Neural Networks Project – Agriculture (Part – 2)
3. Section 03: Multi-Layer Neural Networks Project – Deaths in wars (Part – 1)
4. Section 04: Multi-Layer Neural Networks Project – Deaths in wars (Part – 2)

Data Analytics with Tableau: This Data Analytics with Tableau course will help you unleash the power of data visualisation. To produce powerful visualisations, unearth insights, and narrate captivating data tales, explore Tableau’s user-friendly interface. Learn how to turn raw data into insights that can be put to use so that decisions are well-informed.

1. Module 01: Introduction to the Course
2. Module 02: Project 1: Discount Mart (Sales and Profit Analytics)
3. Module 03: Project 2: Green Destinations (HR Analytics)
4. Module 04: Project 3: Superstore (Sales Agent Tracker)
5. Module 05: Northwind Trade (Shipping Analytics)
6. Module 06: Project 5: Tesla (Stock Price Analytics)
7. Module 07: Bonus: Introduction to Database Concepts
8. Module 08: Tableau Stories

Microsoft Excel: Master Power Query in 120 Minutes: Our Master Power Query in 120 Minutes course will help you unlock the full power of Microsoft Excel. Learn how to use Power Query to effectively import, manipulate, and analyse data in under two hours. Ideal for professionals looking to increase efficiency and optimise their data processing procedures.

1. Module 01: Introduction
2. Module 02: Transform Data
3. Module 03: From Folder
4. Module 04: From Workbook
5. Module 05: Joins
6. Module 06: Power Query

course-whyWhy choose this Course?

  • Comprehensive curriculum covering Python, R, machine learning, and more.
  • Learning approach with projects and exercises.
  • Access to cutting-edge topics like deep learning and data analytics.
  • Designed for both beginners and advanced learners to enhance their career.
  • Expert instructors with industry experience in data science specialization.
  • Career advancement opportunities

course-highlightAccredited Certificate Validation & Process

At Skill Up, we highly value Certificate Validation for its crucial role in enhancing the educational journey. Our certificates are tangible proof of acquired knowledge and skills, serving as valuable assets for personal and professional growth. Accredited by top institutions, they ensure the highest standards in content, assessment, and course structure. These accreditations affirm our brand’s credibility and guarantee courses are continually updated to meet industry demands. Our certificates reflect a commitment to quality, excellence, and ongoing skill development.

Upon successfully completing the course, participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding through a comprehensive written assignment test, reflecting their mastery of the course topics. Upon successful test completion, a downloadable PDF certificate is available for a nominal fee of £6.99. For those desiring a tangible keepsake, original hard copy certificates can be ordered at an additional cost of £9.99. Please note that international participants will incur a £10 delivery charge outside of the UK. We believe in providing flexible options to celebrate your achievements and accommodate your preferences in showcasing your newly acquired skills.

course-requirementSupport and Feedback

  • 24/7 Effective Customer Support
  • Resume Check and Enhancement
  • Course Feedback and Improvement Mechanisms
  • Feedback in Education: Enhancing Learning Outcomes
  • Advanced Support Techniques

course-requirementPayment & Enrollment Process

  • Clear Steps to Enroll and Plans
  • Accessing the Course Platform
  • We Accept PayPal, Google Pay, Stripe, and a wide range of dual currency debit and credit cards


No, the course is structured for all levels, including beginners.

Python, R, Tableau, Excel, and SQL databases.

Flexible, designed to accommodate your pace.

Yes, upon completion, highlighting your data science specialization.
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