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Complete English Masterclass: IELTS Preparation and 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL Online Course

Apr 19,24by Jason Mcguire

Enhance language skills with the comprehensive "English Masterclass" covering spelling, punctuation, and grammar alongside IELTS preparation and TEFL/TESOL training.

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Arabic Language Masterclass: Tayseer, Reading and Writing

Mar 7,24by Jason Mcguire

Learn Arabic Language Masterclass focusing on Tayseer, Reading, and Writing. Course structured into Introduction, Reading, and Writing sections.

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Data Science and Machine Learning using Python – A Bootcamp

Feb 27,24by Jason Mcguire

Learn Data Science and Machine Learning using Python with projects covering Python essentials, data analysis, visualization, and machine learning models.

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Driving Theory Test Preparation

Feb 15,24by Jason Mcguire

Take advantage of our extensive course that covers everything you need to know to ace your driving theory test, from driving in bad weather to pedestrian restrictions.

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120 Hours TEFL (TESOL) Masterclass

Feb 14,24by Jason Mcguire

Take advantage of our 120-hour TEFL (TESOL) Masterclass to become an expert English teacher and pave the way for a global teaching profession.

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Herbalist Fundamentals

Feb 12,24by Jason Mcguire

Explore herbalist fundamentals, including botany, herbal medicines, and Ayurvedic medicine. Begin your herbalist journey here!

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Beauty Salon Management Diploma

Feb 12,24by Jason Mcguire

During this extensive diploma programme, you will learn the fundamentals of beauty salon management, including marketing, finance, operations, planning, and HR.

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Hairdressing and Hair Styling

Feb 12,24by Jason Mcguire

Learn everything from fundamental basics to sophisticated styling in this course that delves into the art of hairdressing.

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Excel Data Analysis For Beginners

Jan 29,24by Jason Mcguire

Learn essential Excel Data Analysis skills: Tracing, Scenario Management, Goal Seek, Solver, and more in this beginner course.

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British English Pronunciation & Accent Crash Course

Jan 26,24by Jason Mcguire

This complete crash course will teach you how to pronounce British English and understand accent subtleties.

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