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Dog Trainer – 8 Courses Complete Bundle

Discover everything you need to know about Dog Training Methods.


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Discover everything you need to know about Dog Training Methods in our courses. From psychology to ethology, learn how to set up a successful dog business and become a highly qualified dog trainer who knows how to apply positive dog training techniques.

This bundle will help you learn science-based dog training methods in an orderly manner. These are ideal courses for dog trainers that will enhance the effective, social, cognitive, and communicative capacities of dogs in their relationship with people. These courses are designed to provide you with the best dog training tips and schedules. In addition to learning the best way to teach your dog, you will be able to solve the main behavioral problems and help other people to resolve conflicts they may have with their dogs. By completing the courses, you will get a vivid idea about animal psychological facts.

Learn to educate dogs and solve small behavior problems with the help of our excellent course materials. If your goal is to start your own dog business, this bundle is perfect for you. Get Microsoft Excel Basics Course free with the bundle!


After the completion of each course, you will be eligible to receive a certificate per course. You can order a certificate (soft copy for £9 and hard copy for £15) relating to your course.

Who is this course for?

  • These courses are ideal for all dog lovers.
  • Written by canine behaviour specialists with over years of experience in the field and backed up by scientific knowledge.
  • The courses can help to change your life and your relationship with any dog that you come into contact with.
  • These courses are ideal for those that work with dogs in any capacity, want to start their canine business, and want to understand and improve their relationships with their furry companion.


All the learners who are willing to boost their knowledge in this respective field can take this course. This course does not require any formal academic qualification.

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