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Course Description​

Have you ever struggled with achieving your own set of goals? Do you need to improve your communication skills for better interpersonal relationships? With the Certificate in NLP Practitioner Diploma course, you will gain insights into multiple aspects of human life that will help you enter the world of NLP practitioners. Not only will you develop personally and professionally, but you will also have the skills to influence others with positive energy to achieve their goals.

The Certificate in NLP Practitioner Diploma course starts with a small introduction to the fundamentals of Neuro-linguistic programming. You learn that thinking, feelings, and behaviours are interconnected. Lesson 2 of the first module focuses on how perception can influence how we interact with people. Lesson three talks about sensory acuity. It will help you observe and interpret non-verbal cues for a better reading of others. Lesson four will educate you on how to build solid & meaningful relationships with others. In module one, you will learn more about anchoring, language patterns, and state elicitation, which will improve your ability to engage and influence effectively.

As you move to the next lesson, you will explore multiple advanced techniques that will foster your personal & professional growth. In lesson 11, you will learn to change perspective and reframe specific events for a positive result. The next lesson will help you use reframing techniques in different contexts. It’s crucial to be a top-notch strategist to be successful in life. Lesson thirteen does the exact job. It sheds light on how to create excellent strategies for making the best decisions. At the end of the module, you will learn effective techniques for meaningful goals and emotional intelligence.

Start the journey by enrolling in the course to prepare yourself for a positive change in your life.

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Learning outcome

  • Learn the core principles of NLP, which will help you become more effective in the workplace
  • Increase your communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to influence others using NLP strategies in a positive way
  • Gain insights on emotional intelligence, personal growth, and self-awareness
  • Grow your analytical ability to analyse problems from different perspectives to make effective decisions
  • Use NLP techniques to align your actions with specific goals


  • Basic academic knowledge
  • Fast internet connection
  • Smartphone/PC/laptop

Why should I take this course?

  • Stand out in the job selection process in the relevant field
  • Develop self-awareness & personal growth
  • Flexible learning system
  • Affordable course with premium study materials
  • Add a versatile skill set to your resume
  • Achieve a certification that is globally accepted

Career Path

  • Communication Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Leadership and Management Roles
  • Life Coach or Personal Development Coach
  • Sales and Marketing Professional
  • Health and Wellness Coach

Course Curriculum

Module 01
NLP Lesson 1 – Introduction, Cause and Effect FREE 00:14:00
NLP Lesson 2 – The Map is Not the Territory 00:10:00
NLP Lesson 3 – Sensory Acuity 00:13:00
NLP Lesson 4 – Rapport 00:15:00
NLP Lesson 5 – Representational Systems 00:13:00
NLP Lesson 6 – Anchoring 00:12:00
NLP Lesson 7 – State Elicitation 00:07:00
NLP Lesson 8 – Language Patterns 00:11:00
NLP Lesson 9 – Language Patterns 2 00:11:00
NLP Lesson 10 – Chunking 00:14:00
Module 02
NLP Lesson 11 – Frames & Reframing 00:10:00
NLP Lesson 12 – Reframing 00:10:00
NLP Lesson 13 – Strategies 00:15:00
NLP Lesson 14 – Meta Programs 00:10:00
NLP Lesson 15 – Timelines 00:14:00
NLP Lesson 16 – Values 00:17:00
NLP Lesson 17 – Goalsetting 00:11:00
NLP Lesson 18 – Goalsetting 2 00:13:00
NLP Lesson 19 – Models _ Applications 00:18:00
NLP Lesson 20 – Satir Categories 00:09:00
NLP Lesson 21 – Emotional Intelligence 00:14:00
Assignment – NLP Practitioner Diploma 00:00:00

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